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Wisdom Panel for Cats

Updated on: July 15, 2021
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DNA testing has become very popular in the last several years. People want to know more about their heritage and how their genetics could affect their health.

More recently, pet owners have begun DNA testing their pets. DNA tests like Wisdom Panel for cats and dog DNA tests let people learn more about their pet's ancestry and health risks than ever before. 

For cat owners, a comprehensive cat DNA test will be beneficial. Basepaws offers what it calls “the world's first DNA test for cats,” and many cat owners have decided to give it a try. Similarly, the Wisdom Panel Complete for Cats works in much the same way as DNA testing kits work for humans.

But are cat DNA tests accurate?

Wisdom Panel for Cats 1

The 23andMe of Cat DNA Testing

Basepaws gets our recommendation for cat DNA testing because they're an established company, they are the market leader, and provide terrific info for you and your cat.

First, you'll need to gather a DNA sample. This process is even more straightforward with cats than it is with humans.

Kits include tools to help you with fur collection or a saliva sample. The latter makes for a more accurate testing sample and also makes it easier to process samples. Saliva samples also mean hairless breeds can now undergo genetic testing too.

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Why Use DNA Testing for Your cat?

Cat owners can learn more about their beloved pets from DNA information. This includes specific information about their breed, as well as which of the big cats your cat is most closely linked to genetically. Additionally, this can serve as one of the trait tests for your cat.

It's also possible to identify the health risks your pet faces. It's expected that testing companies will eventually break down this information for you. In the meantime, you can share your cat's results with your veterinarian and discuss whether or not any changes should be made to improve your cat's overall health. 

Basepaws retains your cat's DNA information once it's submitted, and it plans to grow its database and offer additional information in time.

Despite genetic diversity, nearly all of your cat's genetic sequences match other cats. But there are small differences that make your cat uniquely who they are.

Want to know the best DNA testing kit for your cat? Read our 2021 Guide.

How Much Does a Cat DNA Test Cost?

Most test kits cost around $100. The Basepaws kit costs $95. Wisdom Panel for cats is about $80 to $100, depending on where you buy it. Coupons might be available for discounts. The Wisdom Panel is also available for dogs.

It takes anywhere from one to two and a half months to get the results from your cat's DNA test once you submit the sample, depending on which testing company you choose.

Cat DNA Testing: It's Not Just a Cat Breed Identifier

One of the most exciting aspects of DNA testing is learning about your cat's breed makeup. But it's not the only reason people choose to DNA test their cats.

The Wisdom Panel for cats and other DNA tests help you understand your pet's health and dietary needs. The Basepaws test enables you to discover your cat's genetic background, origins, and health predispositions. 

Other tests provide the same information. For example, you can use DNA test results from your cat to:

Make Health Decisions for Your Pet

Your cat's genetic profile can help you make the best choices possible for them. It can also help you determine if you want to breed your cat or if you should choose similar breeds in the future if you decide to adopt another cat.DNA testing lets you identify which breeds are genetically most closely related to your pet and determine if there are certain diseases or health concerns you need to deal with. In a way, it is also like one of the health tests where you can check for your cat’s predisposition to conditions like kidney disease.

Wisdom Panel for Cats 3

Determine If Your Cat's Personality is Linked to Its Breed

Does your cat have quirks? Have you ever wondered why they do things a certain way?

In some cases, your cat's personality is attributable to your specific pet. But in other cases, it's your cat's breed makeup that affects how your cat behaves. Certain personality traits are genetic, and your cat has these traits because of the cats from which they descended.

What do the results of your cat's DNA test include?

Most DNA tests for cats provide information about:

  • Information for interpreting the results
  • Milestones in the evolution of cats
  • Summary of findings including information about the links between your cat and other domestic breeds and wild cats (breed and ancestry results)
  • Detailed information regarding your cat's genetics
  • Health information that you can discuss with your cat's vet and use to determine the best way to care for your cat to reduce their genetic risks

Keep in mind that the specific information you receive is based on the test you choose and what particular testing company has collected.

Different testing companies have collected data on different breeds. There is a chance you'll get different results if you take more than one test. This is even the case if you repeat a test with the same company several years after taking the first test because companies continue to build their databases so they can provide increasingly accurate results.

Wisdom Panel for Cats

Wisdom Panel for Cats provides information about 40+ genetic diseases and 20+ genetic traits. It takes about a month to get your results after submitting your cat's DNA sample.

This particular test is for breeders, and it helps them develop the best breeding programs. However, many individual cat owners choose this test because they know it provides solid and detailed results

Wisdom Panel uses a mouth swab sample, and your results include information about:

  • Blood type
  • Coat color
  • Coat type
  • Coat pattern
  • Morphology
  • And more

Wisdom Panel Complete for Cats provide important insights into your cat’s health, traits, and ancestry with what they claim as the world’s most comprehensive cat DNA test. It helps you discover your cat’s risk for genetic conditions and medical complications, know your cat’s breed and breed mix, feline blood type, and many more. You also get veterinary support through consultation.

Wisdom Panel for Cats 1

The 23andMe of Cat DNA Testing

Basepaws gets our recommendation for cat DNA testing because they're an established company, they are the market leader, and provide terrific info for you and your cat.

The Definitive Guide to Cat DNA testing: What you need to know.



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