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How Much Does A DNA Kit Cost? (2023)
Updated on January 11, 2023
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DNA Testing
How Much Does A DNA Kit Cost? (2023)

How Much Does A DNA Kit Cost? (2023)

At-home DNA tests gained popularity in recent years. They’ve become a convenient way to learn more about yourself.

Most of these kits are readily available online. You can choose from tests that analyze your ancestry, traits, and health risks.

A DNA test kit can cost $49 to $199. The actual cost of genetic testing may depend on factors like the type of DNA test and your DNA test results.

“The more DNA points are sequenced, the higher the cost. But it also means higher accuracy,” says Dr. Rizza Mira.

Here are the top DNA testing companies we recommend and how much they cost:

  • AncestryDNA — $99 to $199
  • 23andMe — $99 to $228
  • MyHeritage — $89
How Much Does A DNA Kit Cost? (2023) 2

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Cost of Ancestry DNA Testing

Price: Starts at $99 for the kit; $21.99 per month for a subscription specializes in ancestry testing services. It offers an autosomal DNA test that helps you learn more about your genetic ancestry. 

It provides information on your traits and where your ancestors come from. You can also use Ancestry’s DNA testing services to:

  • Build a family tree
  • Find lost relatives
  • Connect with potential family

Read our Ancestry review for more information.

AncestryDNA Testing Kits

Here are the costs of a DNA testing kit from Ancestry:

  • AncestryDNA: $99. Performs DNA matches to help you learn about your ethnicity and where your family is from.
  • AncestryDNA + Family Tree Package: $100. Includes everything in the AncestryDNA Kit plus a World Explorer Membership. This gives you 3-month access to Ancestry’s U.S. and international records.
  • AncestryDNA Traits + All Access Package: $199. You get everything this service has to offer plus 3 months access to Ancestry’s U.S. and international records, a subscription, and Fold3’s military records.

AncestryDNA Membership & Services

When your membership expires, you can choose from paid subscriptions that can help you uncover your family history.

  • U.S. Discovery: $21.99 to $24.99 per month (paid monthly) or $21.99 per month (paid upfront). Provides access to Ancestry’s U.S. records. 
  • World Explorer: $39.99 per month (paid monthly) or $32.99 per month (paid upfront). Provides access to Ancestry’s U.S. and international records. 
  • All Access: $59.99 per month (paid monthly) or $49.99 per month (paid upfront). Provides complete access to the records of,, and

Cost of 23andMe DNA Test Kit

Price: Starts at $99 for the kit; $29 for a one year paid membership

23andMe offers at-home DNA testing kits that report your ancestry, genetic risks, and traits. The DNA test cost depends on what you’ll purchase:

  • 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service: $99 
  • 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service: $199
  • 23andMe Plus w/ 1 Year Membership: $228

23andMe has a unique testing process. It combines autosomal DNA testing with Y-DNA and mtDNA testing. This allows it to provide more comprehensive DNA results.

It can track your maternal and paternal lines. You can read our 23andMe review to find out more.

Cost of My Heritage DNA Testing

Price: Starts at $89 for the kit; $49 for the first year subscription

My Heritage DNA offers an ancestry test that can reveal your ethinic origins. They can help you discover which regions where ancestors may have come from.

The DNA testing service lets you build a family tree with up to 250 people for free. But you can build larger family trees and access more services with a paid subscription.

You can choose from:

  • MyHeritage Premium Plan: $49 for the first year, then $79 per year. Build a family tree with 2,500 people. Includes Smart Matching and DNA Matching.
  • MyHeritage Premium Plus: $89 for the first year, then $129 per year. Build a family tree with unlimited people. Includes Smart Matching, DNA Matching, Instant Discoveries, and Tree Consistency Checker.
  • MyHeritage Data: $89 for the first year, then $129 per year. Includes everything with the free plan. It uses your family tree to find matches across 18.6 billion records and 55 million family trees.
  • MyHeritage Complete: $119 for the first year, then $189 per year. Includes everything that the company has to offer.

My Heritage can search for people with similar genetic information. Your report will show how closely related you are using percentages.

Here’s our full review of My Heritage if you want more information.

6 Things to Consider Before Buying A DNA Test

In addition to costs, there are other things you must consider before you buy a DNA kit:

  1. Talk to a genetic counselor. As a trained professional, they can explain the pros and cons of DNA testing.
  2. Read the privacy policies of different companies. See how they plan to store and use your DNA sample and genetic information.
  3. Be aware of the privacy risks. DNA tests can put your personal information and genetic data at risk. So it’s important that you know the dangers of DNA testing
  4. DNA tests that assess for genetic risks are not health tests. They can only check for certain genetic diseases and health problems you’re most at risk for.
  5. DNA matches are not biological matches. It simply means you share significant DNA with people you matched with.
  6. The accuracy of DNA tests can vary.1 Some DNA tests are more accurate than others. A DNA testing company with a large database is usually a good choice.

DNA test kits used to be expensive, but they’re now more affordable and accessible. They’ve become a convenient way to learn about your ethnicity and family history. 

“Some DNA tests can also look into medical conditions that you have inherited, while some are not able to do this,” says Dr. Mira.

With some genetic counseling, you can use your test results to make informed decisions about your health.

“It’s important that you seek a medical professional for the interpretation of your results. It helps prevent undue anxiety and stress upon receiving your results,” adds Dr. Mira.

Some DNA testing options can help you find lost relatives. But you may need more tests to determine biological relationships with your DNA matches.

Know Your DNA Reviews

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Updated on January 11, 2023
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Updated on January 11, 2023
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Dr. Rizza Mira
Dr. Rizza Mira
Medical Reviewer
Dr. Rizza Mira is a medical doctor and a general practitioner who specializes in pediatrics, nutrition, dietetics, and public health.

As a pediatrician, she is dedicated to the general health and well-being of children and expecting parents. She believes that good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and prevention of illness are key to ensuring the health of children and their families.

When she’s not in the hospital, Rizza advocates and mobilizes causes like breastfeeding, vaccination drives, and initiatives to prevent illness in the community.
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Cristine Santander
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