Top 4 DNA Tests for Dogs
Updated on March 26, 2024
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Dog Testing
Top 4 DNA Tests for Dogs

New dog owners may not know much about their furry friends, especially if they adopted or rescued them from a shelter. Having a dog is full of benefits, so understanding your new dog’s breed and behaviors through DNA testing can be valuable in providing them with proper care and love.

Many dog lovers are naturally curious about their new companions. It’s common to want to know more about your dog to better meet its needs. One way to gain insights is through dog DNA kits.

Dog DNA kits reveal your dog’s breed and can also provide more information about potential health risks.

To help you get started, we rounded up the best dog DNA test kits worth your time and money. Our top choices are the best way to get to know your new furry friend better.

Everything We Recommend

The Best DNA Tests for Dogs

Our Top Pick — Embark Breed + Health DNA Test


  • Can identify over 350 dog breeds, including wolf, dingo, and coyote hybrids
  • Can detect over 230 genetic conditions
  • Allows you to look for your pup’s relatives through their database
  • Uses proprietary genotyping technology for more accurate and in-depth results


  • Only has one (1) swab, so you have to be careful and precise when collecting your pet’s sample
  • DNA matches are limited to dogs that have already been tested on their platform
Top 4 DNA Tests for Dogs 5

Source: Embark

Why We Recommend It

Embark Breed & Health Kit is perfect for pet owners who want to get the most possible information about their pets in terms of their health and ancestry.

The company partnered with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine to design this comprehensive dog DNA test kit.

The extensive information Embark dog DNA test can collect from a tiny DNA sample fascinates us.

With a large database of 230,000 genetic markers, the company can analyze your dog’s DNA for the following information:1

  • Your dog’s breed breakdown and the corresponding percentages for every breed detected
  • Genetic health risks or health conditions they are predisposed to
  • Traits like body size, coat, tail length, and other characteristics from your dog’s genetic makeup
  • Ancestry or your pet’s lineage back to their great-grandparents

Embark DNA test goes above and beyond by helping find your dog’s family members through their Relative Finder feature.

Their database will show how much DNA your pup shares with other dogs who have also taken the test. And you’ll have an option to connect with other potential dog DNA matches.

You can access the test results from your account dashboard. It’s presented in detail, with easily understood visuals and charts. The overall experience is very user-friendly.

Quick Facts on Embark Breed + Health DNA Test

PriceStarts at $109
Collection TypeCheek swab
How long before you can get the results?2 to 3 weeks

Best For Health — Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Test


  • Covers 350 dog breeds and varieties
  • Genetic health testing for more than 265 conditions caused by mutation
  • Comes with two (2) swabs and free replacement if damaged
  • Faster results than most competitors


  • Not as detailed and in-depth as the top competitor
  • Smaller genetic marker database
Top 4 DNA Tests for Dogs 6

Source: Wisdom Panel

Why We Recommend It

Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Test is an excellent choice for proud owners of mixed-breed dogs and rescue pups. It’s a one-stop-shop kit that can analyze your pup’s breed composition and health status.

The key features of the test kit include:

  • Detailed breed insights covering 350 dog breeds
  • Comprehensive genetic health report checking for 265 or more genetic conditions
  • Traits
  • Ancestry

The test results are also easier to comprehend. You’ll see a clickable pie chart of your dog’s breed breakdown. When you click on each breed, it’ll show you the normal range for their height or weight and typical predispositions.

The Wisdom Panel Premium also includes a health screening. It’ll show you any conditions your dog may be predisposed to. Plus, it’ll detect which conditions your pup carries.

If you’re having a hard time making sense of your pet’s results, Wisdom Panel allows scheduled phone calls with their licensed vets.

You can discuss the health findings in your dog’s DNA test results. An expert can shed some light on your health risks and other predispositions.

Wisdom Panel also offers a service to track your pup’s relatives. The Relatives service is available on Wisdom Panel Premium.

It can help you socialize your pet by enabling you to connect with relatives–from close to distant ones.

Quick Facts on Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Test

Collection TypeCheek swab
How long before you can get the results?2 to 3 weeks

Best For Life Plan — Orivet Geno Pet Plus (Breed + Health Kit)


  • Recognizes 350 dog breeds in their developing database
  • Checks for 200 genetic health conditions
  • Includes a personalized wellness plan
  • Predicts your pup’s possible adulthood weight


  • Results are not as in-depth as the top two choices
  • Only tests for conditions and traits that are particular to your dog’s breed
  • Some customers complain about a long waiting time
Top 4 DNA Tests for Dogs 7

Source: Orivet Geno Pet

Why We Recommend It

We recommend Orivet Geno Pet because it gives you access to a life plan tailored to your dog’s test results. We find this helpful in diagnosing or preventing any inherited health conditions.

Geno Pet Plus Breed + Health Kit identifies your pet’s breed and does health screening. It checks for any conditions your pup may be genetically predisposed to.

In addition, Orivet is a reputable brand in the pet genetic testing industry. For over a decade, it has worked with experts like veterinarians and breeders.

They’re a member of the International Small Animal Genetics Society (ISAG). Through the various committees within the institution, Orivet has even contributed to developing genetic testing standards.

Quick facts on Orivet Geno Pet Plus (Breed Identification + Health Screen Kit)

Collection TypeCheek swab
How long before you can get the results?Up to 4 weeks

Budget-Friendly Pick — DNA My Dog Premium Breed ID Test


  • Covers over 350 dog breeds
  • Assesses genetic health concerns
  • Determine your dog’s genetic age
  • Share tips and bonding activity ideas for you and your new pet
  • Less expensive compared to most brands


  • Test results are not as meticulous as the top competitors
Top 4 DNA Tests for Dogs 8

Source: DNA My Dog

Why We Recommend It

The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Kit is a great dog DNA test for curious pet owners on a budget.

The company has upgraded its database, covering more than 350 dog breeds.

This dog DNA kit provides your pup’s breed breakdown and determines your dog’s dominant breeds. Additionally, it includes common personality traits and health issues associated with each breed.

DNA My Dog also offers a genetic age test to check the biological age of your pet.

Quicks Facts on DNA My Dog Breed Identification Kit

Collection TypeCheek swab
How long before you can get the results?Approximately 2 weeks 

Know Your DNA Reviews

Best Dog DNA Kit

Want to learn more about the best dog DNA kit on the market? We tested every kit on the market to figure out the best.

How Accurate Are Dog DNA Testing Kits?

Most companies have an accuracy of 90 to 99% of test results.

The accuracy of dog DNA test results mainly depends on how extensive the testing company’s databases of breeds and genetic markers are. The methods used to analyze your dog’s genes also affect accuracy.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), a blood sample is often the gold standard for high-quality DNA because it yields a more significant amount of DNA.2

However, saliva samples are acceptable as they also give sufficient results. Additionally, pet owners can easily collect a saliva swab.3

If you have any concerns about your dog’s DNA test results, you should bring them to your vet. Please refrain from making decisions without talking to an expert, especially regarding your pet’s health.

Do Vets Perform Dog DNA Tests?

Yes, vets do dog DNA tests, although some are less likely to use the same at-home test kits pet owners use.

Some vets prefer to send in your dog’s DNA sample from a blood draw instead of a saliva swab because they want to ensure that the specimen will include a more substantial amount of DNA.4

Ask your vet if their clinic offers dog DNA testing. However, if you want convenience and accessibility, at-home dog DNA tests are your best bet.

Can Dog DNA Tests Help With Obedience Training?

Genetics, training, and environment affect your dog’s disposition and behavior. Regarding obedience training, DNA testing can help tailor your dog’s training based on its specific personality.

For example, some dominant breeds, like terriers, are often aggressive, stubborn, and highly energetic.

On the other hand, golden retrievers are more friendly, confident, and calm—although they usually get bored quickly.

These personality attributes can help dog trainers know which techniques to focus on in their obedience training.

Should You Test Your Dog’s DNA?

As a fur parent, you must make informed decisions for your furry companion and its health. DNA testing offers practical, comprehensive, and sometimes even unexpected information on your pup.

What Are the Benefits of Dog DNA Tests?

Here are the benefits of performing a dog DNA test:

1. Anticipate average size and lifespan

Knowing your dog’s breed composition can help you anticipate how big they’ll grow and how long they’ll be around. This information is vital when figuring out how much space you need to prepare for them if they need lots of outdoor areas to play, etc. Understanding their potential physical traits, breed makeup, and behavioral traits will also help you prepare.

2. Understanding and preventing potential genetic diseases or health problems

Learning more about your dog’s genetic predispositions to certain medical conditions can affect how you and your vet care for your dog.

For instance, your vet may discover that your pet needs to change its diet through some health screening because of a congenital condition or predisposition to genetic diseases.

3. Discover personality traits common to a particular dog type

A dog’s breed may also contribute to its behavior and personality. Learning about the personality of its breed can help you plan how to train and socialize your new furry friend.

4. Prove pedigree or purebred status

If you are a breeder and your dog had puppies, you can share the DNA test results to prove that your dog and its offspring are purebred.

It can be helpful, especially to potential pet owners who prefer DNA-certified purebred pedigrees.

5. Connect to your dog’s fur family

The relative finder feature of some dog DNA tests lets you find your pup’s fur family. These companies even allow you to connect with their owners and map out a family tree.

How We Chose The Best Dog DNA Test

We understand why pet owners are willing to spend money on their dogs’ healthcare. We, too, want nothing but the best for our furry companions.

At KnowYourDNA, we’ll make sure that your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste. We believe in getting your money’s worth and only picking the best options. 

Our team chose the top dog DNA tests based on these criteria:

Type of Test

The market offers a variety of dog DNA tests. But not all of these tests are created equal and give you the same information. 

We choose test kits that offer unique information, such as breed information and health analysis. Some tests can help explain how your dog’s DNA affects its behavior. 


This criterion is the most important thing to consider when choosing a dog DNA test. Most companies claim their test kits are 100 percent accurate.

However, the pet DNA testing industry lacks regulatory body supervision. How do we know if a company provides us with the most accurate dog DNA tests?

We based our choices on the size of each company’s databases. A company with a relatively more extensive breed database can provide more accurate results.

They can check more genetic conditions or breeds if they have more resources—or a more extensive collection of genetic marker data.

Support From an Expert

Your dog’s DNA test results may cause you some mixed emotions like awe, disbelief, and so on. Thinking of the next step is normal after knowing more about your dog’s health and genetic makeup.

We looked for companies that offer to connect you with a licensed vet to discuss your dog’s test results. Talk to an expert to make informed decisions about your dog’s health.

Customer Service and Overall Experience

It’s also essential to check the company’s reputation to see its reliability. We picked companies proven to provide more positive customer experiences than negative ones.

We listen to what customers have to say about a brand. Companies make our list when their customers have a more positive overall experience with their services.

Why Trust Us

KnowYourDNA is committed to making pet healthcare more accessible to pet parents and first-time pet owners, which is why we feature products that meet industry standards.

We only choose at-home test kits from companies with reliable testing methods and science-backed reports to improve your dog’s health.

Our in-house pet experts review all the information in our publications to ensure the accuracy of the information we give to our readers.

Know Your DNA Reviews

The Best Dog DNA Test

We review the top 4 best dog DNA tests so you can find out more about your best friend.

Updated on March 26, 2024
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Updated on March 26, 2024
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