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Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends?

Updated on: July 21, 2021
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Containing over 100 trillion different bacteria across a wide variety of species, your gut hosts more microorganisms than there are stars in the Milky Way. Some of these microbes are incredibly beneficial to your overall health while others can lead to chronic conditions and disease. 

Thryve offers one of the most accurate tests available for looking at the organisms that call your gut home. On top of this, the company offers both personalized and general probiotic blends to get your microbiome back in balance.

In our Thryve review, we’ll look at all of Thryve’s products and the science behind them. From the impressive Gut Health Test to the specially formulated probiotic blends, we’ll tell you if they live up to their claims.


  • Offer the most accurate at-home microbiome gut test currently available
  • Sells a variety of probiotics, both personalized and for general health
  • Specialize in helping people balance out their gut’s microbiome
  • First company to offer personalized probiotics and diet recommendations based on microbiome gut testing

Thryve’s Gut Health Test

Thryve Gut Test

Quick facts:

  • Sample Collection: Stool
  • Testing Type: Ribosomal RNA
  • Speed: Two to four weeks
  • Privacy Protection: Strong

What’s in the box?

Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 1

When you order Thryve’s Gut Health Test, your sample collection kit will contain the following:

  • Cotton swabs
  • Collection tube
  • Prepaid return envelope

How much does it cost?

Thryve offers three variations of its Gut Health Test. The test that comes with each is the same, the only difference is the addition of personalized probiotics. These probiotics are specially formulated for you based on the needs of your individual microbiome. The three offerings and prices are:

The two probiotic packages are on a subscription basis. Each bottle of probiotics is good for one month. The single bottle subscription costs $31.49 monthly, and the three bottle subscription is $89.99 every three months.

Send in steps

Follow these steps to take Thryve’s Gut Health Test:

  1. Navigate to Thryve’s home page and click the Activate Kit link on the top right-hand side of the page. After your account has been created, you’ll be asked for your Kit ID. Fill in this information (found on the front of your kit) to add your kit to the account.
  2. To collect your sample, take a bowel movement and wipe. Use the soiled tissue paper to take your stool sample using the provided cotton swabs. Your sample should be collected from the first bowel movement of the day.
  3. Place the cotton swab that contains your stool sample into the collection tube and close it.
  4. Mail your sample to Thryve using the prepaid envelope that’s included with the kit.
  5. Once Thryve receives your sample, your results should arrive within two to four weeks through the company’s mobile app or online portal.

Getting my Kit

I ordered the Thryve kit. Thryve does a great job of keeping you updated on where your order is.

Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 2

They also send emails telling you when your order is delivered.

What you get

Thryve's packaging is incredible. It's great when a company cares about all details of their product, not just the results.

Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 3
Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 4

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You bring the kit into the bathroom with you and after a bowel movement, you swab the toilet paper.

Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 5

Of course, this is all a little gross but this is necessary for a good sample and not that terrible. After this, you send your sample using the other attached box:

Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 6
Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 7

Then you wait about 2-4 weeks for your results. Make sure you hang onto your Kit ID so you can activate your kit.

What the results include

Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 8

After Thryve receives your sample, the company will analyze its 16s rRNA to determine how much bacteria is present in your microbiome. This prokaryotic ribosome is found within bacteria and can be used to identify different species. Using this method, Thryve can determine the strains of bacteria present within your gut.

Your results are then compared against more than 36,000 research articles that have been analyzed by Thryves proprietary software. This research allows the company to identify around 4,000 microbes associated with things like diseases, health, digestion, and more. The papers used are analyzed using its research confidence algorithm. The data presented from this research is graded so you’ll know how strong the science backing each recommendation is.

Using this information, Thryve is able to deliver a detailed report about your microbiome. The report is broken up into two main sections, Take Action and Explore. The Take Action section offers steps you can follow to improve the health of your microbiome. The Explore section gives you an in-depth look at the microbes living in your gut.

Take action section

In this section of your test results, you’ll find actionable recommendations to improve your overall health and get your gut’s microbiome back in balance. Take Action is broken up into three sections, these include:

Your Top Bacteria

Here, you’ll see the top five probiotic bacteria you need to improve on. This will allow you to take the right combination of probiotics, foods, and supplements to work on the areas with the direst needs.

Probiotic recommendations
Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 9

In this section of your results, you’ll see what probiotic blend Thryve suggests for you. A bottle of this blend comes with personalized probiotic packages on a subscription basis. However, you can purchase these probiotics on your own if you’d like. You’ll also find the health benefits of each probiotic, the percentage found in your gut, bacteria per servings advice, and what surveys recommend. The suggested blend includes prebiotics as well.

Dietary recommendations
Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 10
Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 11
Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 12

I'm interested to start trying some of the foods they recommend or suggest avoiding. This report is very comprehensive and definitely gives some ideas on what to eat.

Thryve has analyzed thousands of food items with the sole purpose of maximizing the health of your gut’s microbiome. Based on your sample, the company suggests the top ingredients that will help the beneficial bacteria in your gut thrive. You can also filter out foods you’re allergic to and pick top foods based on your preferences. Each food recommendation will tell you which beneficial bacteria the diet change will support. You’ll even be given a variety of recipes for each food recommendation.

Explore section

The Explore section allows you to dig deeper into the bacteria that make up your microbiome. Here, you’ll find a range of information about the different species of bacteria that call your gut home. This includes those that are beneficial and the microbes you want to eliminate. Explore includes three different sections:

Gut score
Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 13

Of the trillions of bacteria that reside inside of you, some are good and others can be harmful. Here, Thryve gives your gut an overall wellness score comparing the number of commensal bacteria (immune system boosters), probiotic bacteria, and the pathogenic bacteria that are capable of causing disease.

My gut bacteria
Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 14

In this section, you can look at each of the tens of thousands of bacteria the test was able to locate in your sample and find a valuable insight regarding the individual strains. You can also read about the health benefits of different bacteria, the diseases they may cause, their functions, taxonomy rank, and more.

Symptom likeliness
Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 15

There is some accuracy to these recommendations for myself, but not 100% accuracy. If some of the symptoms are accurate, and you click on recommendations, it brings you to your food recommendations section.

If you’re experiencing the negative effects of an unhealthy gut, you’re likely already aware of your symptoms. However, there are some symptoms that may have yet to manifest themselves. Here, Thryve will tell you how likely you are to develop certain symptoms based on low levels of probiotics. The possible symptoms include upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, inflammation, bloating, fatigue, and brain fog.

How accurate is it?

Thryve provides its data based upon a curated list of the most recent research available. The company rates over 36,000 research papers, grades them on scientific validity, and uses the information to bring you its recommendations. The testing technique used can analyze over 10,000 species of microbes, but only provides you info on the strains that have statistical significance.

The company also has the most accurate sample processing and sequencing procedure on the market. Thryve claims that due to the unique sample buffer they use, the analysis it provides is 28% more accurate than its competitors. According to the company, the buffer keeps your bacterial cells in a state of stasis until they arrive at its labs, something other companies don’t do.

When it comes to their recommendations, the company has yet to receive FDA approval so they shouldn’t be used as a sole treatment for any serious or chronic conditions. However, it does a great job of giving an accurate view of the microbes residing within your body and useful information about the individual strains. It also offers some fairly reliable steps you can take to improve your gut health and overall wellbeing. 

Thryve’s probiotics

In addition to the personalized probiotics that are included with two of Thryve’s Gut Health Test packages, the company offers a variety of premade probiotic blends made for several purposes. Its certified laboratories have formulated custom blends to improve gut health, give you energy, increase ketones, improve your immune system, and enhance your mood.

These blends aren’t specially formulated based on your unique microbiome. However, they have been scientifically, and, in some cases, clinically proven to be helpful for each of their given purposes. These specially formulated probiotic blends include:

Healthy Gut

Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 16

Based on a randomized and controlled single-blind study, Thryve’s Healthy gut blend was shown to improve a variety of gastrointestinal problems. In the study, the participants experienced a reduction in diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, and an improved appetite. This was after only three weeks of taking the Healthy Gut blend.

Healthy Gut contains 15 strains of probiotics at a dose of 100 billion CFU per serving, including bifidobacterium lactis, a bacteria that can lessen fatty tissues. The blend also has lactobacillus paracasei Th2, which helps reduce inflammation. Another useful microbe in the blend is lactobacillus rhamnosus, which has the ability to fight the pain caused by constipation and diarrhea.

Endless Energy

Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 17

According to several studies, certain probiotics are capable of lowering blood sugar fluctuation and increase energy levels. Data also shows that they can reduce instances of brain fog by lowering inflammation throughout the body. In one study using Endless Energy, diabetic rats were given sugar water after being dosed with Thryve’s probiotic blend. The rats that took Endless Energy maintained blood sugar levels close to those who were given insulin.

This blend contains eight strains of probiotics at a dose of 5 billion CFU per serving. One of the notable microbes included in the blend is bifidobacterium lactis which increases energy by helping you to metabolize better. It also includes the energy regulating bacteria lactobacillus acidophilus. There’s also a probiotic called lactobacillus rhamnosus that can improve your ability to focus.

Ketone Booster

Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 18

If you’re on a keto diet or are just interested in burning more fat by increasing your ketone production, the Ketone Booster blend is a good option. Based on a study done on diabetic rats, this blend was able to hinder the production of fat tissue in the liver and led to healthier inflammation markers. The blend can also help to lower your blood sugar and blood pressure as well as lead to weight loss.

Thryve’s Ketone Booster contains four strains of probiotics at a dose of 10 billion CFU per serving. The clinically studied strains in this blend include lactobacillus fermentum, proven to lower cholesterol; lactobacillus reuteri Tr1, able to reduce inflammation; and lactobacillus casei, shown to promote ketosis.

Ultimate Immunity

Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 19

The Ultimate Immunity blend has gone through several double-blind studies producing some interesting results. Not only did the studies link this blend with a reduction in seasonal allergies but it also improved eczema-related symptoms for as many as four months. According to Thryve, Ultimate Immunity can also lower levels of pathogenic bacteria, decrease inflammation, and help with food sensitivities.

The blend contains two targeted strains and two functional strains of probiotics at 20 billion CFU per gram. This includes the allergy-fighting microbe lactobacillus paracasei Th1 and the recovery time increasing lactobacillus ruteri Tr1. Additionally, you’ll find lactobacillus plantarum in the blend, a microbe capable of fighting infections and repairing the lining of your stomach. 

Mood Enhancer

Thryve Review — Can You Trust Thryve’s Microbiome Test and Probiotic Blends? 20

In in-vitro studies, Thryve’s Mood Enhancer blend was shown to increase two neurotransmitters associated with mood, serotonin, and dopamine. Additionally, levels of corticosterone, a hormone linked to stress, were reduced. This was after only four weeks of administering the probiotic blend. Mood Enhancer is also associated with reduced depression and anxiety and improved cognition. 

This is an impressive blend of 2 Probiotic Strains | Mix7 (8 Targeted Strains) at 30 billion CFU per serving. One important bacterium included in the blend is lactobacillus paracasei, a microbe that can balance your mood, keeping it in a pleasant state. It also includes the anti-depressant probiotic lactobacillus plantarum.

Overall review — How do Thryve’s products stack up?


  • One of the most accurate at-home microbiome tests on the market
  • Tons of data about the different bacteria living in your gut
  • Actionable results and easy to follow steps for improving your health
  • Personalized probiotic blends formulated specifically for your gut’s needs
  • Unique sample buffer that does a better job than the competition at preserving your sample until it reaches Thryve’s labs
  • Five different scientifically and clinically proven probiotic blends for everything from energy to mood


  • Products aren’t FDA approved
  • Personalized probiotic Gut Health Test packages are a little pricey
  • Test kits don’t check for viruses that may be inhabiting your gut

Thryve’s range of products offers a proven way to improve your health starting with the organisms living in your gut. While the science behind using probiotics to better your microbiome is still relatively new, there has been loads of promising research. However, seeing as Thryve’s products haven’t received FDA approval, you shouldn’t use them as the only treatment for more serious conditions. 

The Gut Health Test is one of the most accurate microbiome tests on the market, making it the best option out there for testing your gut’s flora. And even though the probiotic blends offered by Thryve have yet to gain FDA approval, they have all been backed by studies and linked to better health for a variety of issues.

Buy now:

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