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Are Thesis Nootropics Worth It?
Updated on September 22, 2023
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Are Thesis Nootropics Worth It?

Our verdict: Thesis Nootropics helped boost my creativity, focus, and alertness with its natural and personalized formulas. I found it super reliable, thanks to its custom blends based on science and expert support.

Thesis Nootropics are like special brain boosters that are tailored to each customer. They’re like having a personal tutor or coach for your brain.

They use high-quality, vegan, and scientifically-backed ingredients that can help your brain work better. These ingredients are extensively tested to ensure they're safe and work well.

Thesis Nootropics are expertly developed. They even have coaches that help determine the best blends per person. These coaches guide users on their brain-boosting journeys.

About the Company

Thesis Nootropics focuses on making your brain perform at its best.

They create unique formulas using natural ingredients that can improve focus and thinking abilities. These blends are custom-made for each person. They have brain experts who work to make these solutions.

The company ensures its products are safe and effective. They carefully choose the ingredients and test them repeatedly to make sure they are high-quality.

Their formulas are backed by scientific research, so each blend is designed to help your brain work better. They also offer coaching to help you get the most out of their solutions and achieve the best results.

Founder Dan Freed said he faced challenges and used nootropics to improve his brain's performance. He firmly believes that Nootropics “turned everything around for me and helped me form the positive habits that I built my success on.”

He wants to share this life-changing experience with the world.

On top of these endeavors, the company also cares about giving back to the community and supports a shelter for young people in need.

Product Review Summary

We read hundreds of reviews on Thesis Nootropics and noticed these pros and cons were the most commonly shared by consumers:


  • Helped improve the ability to concentrate and stay focused on tasks
  • Provided a natural energy boost that helped customers feel more alert and active
  • Assisted in enhancing memory and retention of information
  • Helped stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Cleared brain fog and promoted mental clarity
  • Contributed to a more positive and uplifted mood
  • Enhanced overall cognitive function
  • Helped manage stress and promote a calmer state of mind


  • Effects varied from person to person
  • Not all formulas worked well for everyone
  • Had minor side effects like headaches, digestive discomfort, or jitteriness
  • Relatively expensive compared to standard dietary supplements
  • Long-term effects of specific nootropic formulas may need more extensive study
  • Not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep

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What Are Your Options?

Thesis Nootropics offers a selection of personalized supplement blends designed to target specific aspects of brain function and overall well-being. Here's a closer look at some of their products:


Thesis Creativity aims to boost creative thinking and innovation. It may help people tap into their imaginative potential and develop unique ideas.


Thesis Motivation blend is intended to boost drive and determination. It might help users stay focused on their goals and maintain a sense of purpose.


Thesis Energy blend aims to increase vitality and alertness. It could be helpful for those seeking a natural energy boost without the jitters associated with caffeine.


The Clarity blend focuses on supporting clear thinking. Thesis Clarity could aid in improving cognitive function and decision-making.


This solution is designed to support logical reasoning and critical thinking. This blend might be beneficial for tasks that require analytical skills.

What's Inside Thesis Nootropics? — Ingredients

While the exact active ingredients in Thesis Nootropics' blends may change depending on the specific formula, here are some common active ingredients that they use:

Ginko Biloba

This herbal extract is associated with improved blood circulation, which aids in enhancing brain function. It's also known to have antioxidant properties.

However, it can interfere with blood-thinning medications. Moreover, its cognitive performance benefits are modest and might not be experienced by everyone.


This amino acid plays a role in producing neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. It's believed to support mood, focus, and cognitive function.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is essential for brain health and the production of neurotransmitters. It's commonly associated with energy production and cognitive function.


This ingredient is claimed to support blood flow to the brain and stress management. Some research suggests it may have antioxidant effects.


This ingredient can help promote energy, focus, and mood without the jitters associated with caffeine.1 It may also support endurance during physical activities.

Bacopa Monnieri

This adaptogen has been studied for its potential cognitive-enhancing effects, particularly on memory and learning. However, it may take several weeks to experience noticeable results, and some users might not respond as effectively.

Panax Ginseng

This ingredient is an adaptogen that may support energy, cognitive function, and overall well-being. However, long-term use and higher doses might lead to side effects like insomnia or gastrointestinal issues.

Ashwagandha Root

This plant has potential stress-reducing effects. It also supports cognitive function and sleep quality. It may help improve overall well-being.2


Also known as Dynamine, it’s claimed to support alertness and mental energy. It's thought to work similarly to caffeine but with potentially fewer jitters.


Forskolin has been studied for its potential to support memory and cognitive function. It's also believed to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


This active ingredient is found in tea leaves and is believed to promote relaxation without causing drowsiness. It's often used in combination with caffeine.

How Does Thesis Nootropics Taste?

The taste was pleasant. It had a mild, herbal flavor with a hint of sweetness. It reminded me of a subtle herbal tea with a touch of natural sweetness.

When I first tried Thesis Nootropics, I was curious about their potential brain-boosting benefits and how they tasted.

The idea of taking nootropic supplements for mental enhancement was intriguing to me. But if they tasted unpleasant, it would’ve been a deal-breaker.

I got a package that had different blends. Each formula promised to support various aspects of brain function.

Excited and a bit skeptical, I decided to start with the "Clarity" blend. I carefully followed the instructions and took a sip.

The blend had no overwhelming bitterness or unpleasant aftertaste that I've experienced with other supplements.

Are Thesis Nootropics Worth It? 4

Next, I tried the "Motivation" blend.

This one had a slightly tangy taste, which I found interesting. It was like a combination of citrus and herbal notes.

While it wasn't as appealing as the "Clarity" blend, it wasn't off-putting either. I could see how some people might enjoy this flavor profile.

Are Thesis Nootropics Worth It? 5

Lastly, I tried the "Creativity" blend.

This one had a more earthy taste. It reminded me of certain herbal teas. It wasn't as sweet as the others but still had a pleasant undertone.

I appreciated that the flavors were not overly intense, allowing me to quickly drink them without feeling like I was forcing down a supplement.

Are Thesis Nootropics Worth It? 6

While taste is just one aspect of evaluating a supplement, it's important to me. If I'm going to integrate this into my daily routine, it should at least be palatable.

Of course, taste can be subjective. What I find appealing might not be the same for everyone. 

However, based on my own experience, I'd say that Thesis Nootropics have put effort into making their blends easy and enjoyable to take.

What Are The Product’s Benefits?

Thesis Nootropics offers supplement blends designed to enhance cognitive performance. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits:

  • Improved brain function – Helps you think more clearly and perform tasks more efficiently
  • Enhanced focus and concentration – Lets you concentrate on tasks better, reducing distractions and boosting productivity
  • Increased mental clarity – Reduces brain fog and can lead to better decision-making
  • Improved memory – May support memory recall, aiding in both short-term and long-term memory functions
  • Better mood – Can help ease feelings of stress, anxiety, or low mood
  • Boosts creativity – Stimulates creative thinking, allowing for innovative problem-solving and idea-generation
  • Brain health support – Provides support for overall brain health, potentially promoting neuroprotective effects and preventing cognitive performance decline
  • More energy and increased alertness – Some ingredients may contribute to increased energy levels and heightened alertness without the jitters associated with caffeine

Is Thesis Nootropics Safe to Use?

Thesis Nootropics is generally safe to use. The ingredients used for its different blends are natural, high-quality, and safe to consume. Many of these ingredients are backed by scientific research to show their effectiveness.

While it’s generally safe to use, everybody is different. If you're considering trying Thesis Nootropics, it's a good idea to chat with a doctor first. Especially if you're already taking other medicines or if you have any health stuff going on.

It’s recommended to start slow and steady with Thesis Nootropics. Start with the amount they suggest and see how your body reacts. If things go well and you feel more focused, then you can move on to the next steps they recommend.

While some users reported experiencing a slight headache or a bit of a stomach ache, it doesn't last long. Don't hesitate to talk to a doctor if you feel weird after taking them.

Where Can I Buy Thesis Nootropics?

You can easily buy Thesis Nootropics online.

I recently decided to try Thesis Nootropics to give my brain a boost, especially with the busy days ahead. Their personalized approach intrigued me, so I took the plunge and bought their blends.

The buying process was incredibly smooth.

Their website is user-friendly, and I can easily navigate through the different blends they offer. I went for the "Build Your Box" option, which let me choose blends aligned with my needs. It was like creating my own customized toolkit for my brain!

Choosing the blends was easy.

I appreciated that they provided clear information about the ingredients and benefits of each blend. It helped me make informed decisions based on what I wanted to achieve—whether it was boosting my focus, enhancing creativity, or managing stress.

The checkout process was simple. I liked the transparency about pricing and shipping. The 30-day money-back guarantee gave me extra assurance that I could get a refund if I wasn't satisfied. Of course, I was hopeful that the blends would work their magic.

My experience in buying Thesis Nootropics was really great. I’m excited to try the different blends and hopeful for positive results.

How Much Does Thesis Nootropics Cost?

Thesis Nootropics offers different pricing options to cater to your needs. The price depends on the blends you choose and whether you go for a subscription or a one-time purchase.

The personalized blends are carefully crafted to address specific cognitive needs, making the pricing flexible based on your preferences.

Here’s a quick look at the pricing information of Thesis Nootropics:

  • Subscription – $79 per month
  • One-Time – $119

Thesis Nootropics vs. Competitors

Check out the comparison of Thesis Nootropics and some of its competitors, such as Qualia Mind, TruBrain, Hunter Focus, and Alpha Brain:

CriteriaThesis NootropicsQualia MindTruBrainHunter FocusAlpha Brain
CustomizationPersonalized blendsLimited optionsLimited optionsLimited optionsLimited options
Price$79 per month$139 per monthStarts at $65 per month$75 per monthStarts at $34.95
Formulation TransparencyFull ingredient listDetailed infoLimited infoDetailed infoDetailed info
Money-Back Guarantee30-day100-day30-day30-day30-day
Subscription FlexibilitySkip/cancel anytimeFlexible plansLimited flexibilityFlexible plansNo subscriptions
Additional BenefitsFree coaching includedNoneNoneNoneNone

Thesis Nootropics vs. Qualia Mind

Thesis Nootropics excels in personalized formulas. They tailor blends to each person’s cognitive goals, whether it's energy, clarity, motivation, or creativity. They emphasize formulation transparency, using clinically studied ingredients, and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Meanwhile, Qualia Mind has a comprehensive, pre-formulated nootropic stack known for its premium ingredients. While it may lack the level of personalization, it's known for its well-rounded cognitive support.

Thesis Nootropics vs. TruBrain

The main difference between Thesis Nootropics and TruBrain is customization. Thesis Nootropics offers custom blends per user, and TruBrain doesn’t.

However, TruBrain provides pre-made drinks and capsules, making it convenient for those who prefer a grab-and-go solution.

Thesis Nootropics vs. Hunter Focus

Thesis Nootropics stands out with its personalized approach, allowing you to create a blend tailored to your specific needs

In contrast, Hunter Focus offers a pre-formulated supplement designed to support focus and productivity. It's a more straightforward choice for those who prefer a ready-made solution.

Thesis Nootropics vs. Alpha Brain

Thesis Nootropics offers a personalized experience. They let users select specific blends for specific cognitive needs. This customization may be appealing to those who want targeted results. 

Alpha Brain provides a pre-formulated stack of ingredients that support memory, focus, and overall cognitive function. It simplifies the decision-making process for people who want a one-size-fits-all approach to nootropics.

Is Thesis Nootropics Worth It?

Thesis Nootropics can be a promising choice if you want to boost your brainpower and feel sharper. They have different blends for energy, clear thinking, creativity, focus, and motivation.

Many people say they've had good results with Thesis Nootropics because they use ingredients that have been proven to work.

Everyone can benefit from Thesis supplements. That includes busy workers who have to stay focused, students who want to do better in school, creative folks who need new ideas, athletes who wish to perform their best, and even parents who have much to juggle.

If you're getting older and want to keep your brain sharp or dealing with stress and anxiety, these blends could also help.

If you're interested in trying Thesis Nootropics, start by taking their quiz online. It helps you figure out which blends might be best for you.

Then, you can pick the blends you like and order them. They give you a month to try them; if they don't work for you, you can get your money back.

Remember, everyone's different, so what works for one person might not work for another. If you have any health issues or take medicine, it's a good idea to talk to a doctor before trying these personalized nootropics.

How We Evaluated Thesis Nootropics

We evaluated Thesis Nootropics by carefully checking various aspects of its blends. Our process considered several critical factors, including:

  • Customization – This is about how well Thesis Nootropics can personalize their blends for each person’s needs. Users need to find options that align with their cognitive goals.
  • Price – This evaluates the cost concerning its value. It's important to weigh the price against the product's quality and effectiveness.
  • Formulation Transparency – Clear information about what's in the product helps users make informed choices.
  • Money-back guarantee – This policy assures buyers they can get a refund if they are not satisfied. It shows the company's confidence in its product and provides a risk-free trial for customers.
  • Subscription flexibility – Adjusting deliveries or cancellations quickly gives customers more control over their orders.
  • Additional benefits – These are extra perks beyond the product, such as coaching or resources. They enhance the overall experience and value.
  • Shipping – How well the company handles shipping, including delivery speed and quality. Reliable shipping ensures orders arrive promptly and in good condition.

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Updated on September 22, 2023
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