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The Best Health Test Kits for Holiday Gifting 2022

Updated on January 3, 2022
Written by
Ada Sandoval
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Everyone needs more self-love nowadays. With the holidays fast approaching, you might be looking for that perfect gift to give yourself or a loved one who deserves some TLC.

However, nobody tells us that self-care and taking care of one’s health is a form of self-love. The best way to show it is to treat yourself (or that special someone) with a health test.

At-home health tests make thoughtful gifts this holiday season. 

You can use them to check your current health, which includes:

  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Hormones and sexual health
  • Exposure to environmental factors
  • Genetic health risks
  • Potential disease

Health testing kits are excellent gifts for health-conscious people. Whether you are gifting one to a fitness buff or a wellness-oriented person, you will surely find a test that fits their personality.

The Best Health Kits for Gifting This Holiday Season

  1. Best Health Kit for Overall Wellness — Everlywell
  2. Best Health Test for Gut Wellness — Ombre (formerly Thryve)
  3. Best At-Home Tests for Sexual Health — LetsGetChecked
  4. Best At-Home Tests for Intolerances — 5Strands

Everlywell — Best Health Kit for Overall Wellness

The health testing company offers a wide variety of at-home test kits. These include tests for:

  • General wellness
  • Men’s health
  • Women’s health
  • Energy and weight
  • Sexual health

Everlywell is the only brand that works with board-certified physicians. These doctors help ensure that only eligible people can take their tests.


  • Has 33 different health testing kits
  • Offers FDA-approved COVID-19 tests
  • Samples are analyzed in CLIA-approved laboratories
  • Provides detailed but easy-to-understand reports
  • Gives you actionable steps that improve your health
  • Some tests include a free doctor’s consultation and prescription medications


  • Most tests (except COVID tests) are not available in New York
  • Tests are sometimes out of stock

Everlywell Holiday Gift Ideas 2022

The Best Health Test Kits for Holiday Gifting 2022 5

Ombre Lab — Best Health Test for Gut Wellness

Ombre (formerly Thryve Inside) is a brand that specializes in gut health. They have recently rebranded. But the company still offers the same products and services, namely:

  • Gut microbiome testing
  • Probiotic supplements


  • Checks for 10,000+ species of gut bacteria
  • Proprietary sampling method is 28% more accurate than other brands
  • Uses the same testing method (16S RNA) as laboratories 
  • Report tells you which strains of gut bacteria need work and why
  • Includes free food recommendations to improve gut health
  • Offers probiotic supplements that target specific strains
  • Results are available on (formerly


  • Not yet FDA-approved
  • Cannot test for viruses or parasites in the gut
  • Custom probiotic blends may cost you

Ombre (Thryve Inside) Holiday Gift Ideas 2022

The Best Health Test Kits for Holiday Gifting 2022 6

LetsGetChecked — Best At-Home Tests for Sexual Health

Initially founded in Ireland, the now U.S. based company offers different tests on:

  • Women’s health
  • Men’s health
  • Wellness
  • Coronavirus

But what we love most about LetsGetChecked are their sexual health tests. So if you are sexually active and prefer a discreet way to be tested, there is no better option.


  • Has 50+ different health tests available
  • Testing is done at accredited laboratories
  • Offers test kits that can check for several infections at a time
  • Provides medications for many sexually-transmitted diseases


  • Testing kits have limited availability in the U.S.
  • Treatments are not available in some U.S. states

LetsGetChecked Holiday Gift Ideas 2022

The Best Health Test Kits for Holiday Gifting 2022 7

5Strands — Best At-Home Tests for Health-Conscious People

Our bodies are exposed to numerous environmental factors every day. Some of them pose risks to our health. 5Strands is a testing company that can check for potential dangers, such as:

  • Food intolerances
  • Exposure to metals and minerals
  • Environmental health risks
  • Nutritional imbalances

Your report will provide insight into lifestyle changes that you need to make. That way, you can limit your exposure to health threats.


  • Only requires hair sample (pain-free)
  • Can test for 600+ food intolerances
  • Tests for sensitivity to 200+ environmental factors
  • Checks for exposure to 60+ metals and minerals
  • Can assess for nutritional imbalances on 80+ vitamins and minerals
  • Tests can be purchased separately or in bundles


  • Bio-resonance technology is not yet proven
  • Does not check for allergies

5Strands Holiday Gift Ideas 2022

The Best Health Test Kits for Holiday Gifting 2022 8
Ada Sandoval
Content Contributor
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