What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You?
Updated on March 18, 2024
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What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You?
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Key Takeaways

Our verdict: While TellMeGen’s reports were really easy to understand (even for DNA newbies), they did leave me wanting a little more. They seemed a little surface-level for me, but that may also be because I’ve taken so many tests already.

Still, I thought they were pretty user-friendly all around, and their customer service was stellar when I had some follow-up questions—especially when I was a little worried about the privacy of my data. It turns out they destroy your sample two months after you turn it in, which protects your data a little more.

What I appreciated about TellMeGen was that they expanded their scope to analyze my genetic traits and ancestry. Unfortunately, the ancestry section is dominated by Western European data, making it harder for anyone from outside that region to get accurate reports.

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 1

The website and reports themselves also lack some polish and seem very plain. But if you’re not all that worried about having exciting visuals and prefer the data as is, this might be the test for you.

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Product Review Summary

We read several TellMeGen reviews online—here are the usual pros and cons we’ve observed.


  • Many users found TellMeGen a good value for money because it’s high-quality and reliable
  • Some people who bought the test kits like the excellent customer service and fast delivery
  • Customers looking for options like the wide range of products TellMeGen has


  • Some customers complained about the limited warranty coverage
  • Several users experienced difficulty in setting up the test
  • Many users thought the website and reports were pretty plain

What Tests Do They Offer?

TellMeGen has two kinds of tests you can choose from, both presenting essential details on your genetic profile.

Starter DNA Test

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 2

Source: TellMeGen website

The TellMeGen Starter DNA Test is the company’s basic kit. 

The test is an introduction to your DNA, analyzing primary components like traits, wellness, and ancestry.

TellMeGen’s Starter DNA Test is an excellent place to start if you want a sneak peek at your DNA. Keep in mind, however, the results only provide you with basic information.

The company also offers a Starter DNA test for children with a swab designed for their age.

Advanced DNA Test

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 3

Source: TellMeGen website

The Advanced DNA Test kit offers all the items from the Starter kit but expands on its analysis. We like the additional features, including:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Pharmacological compatibilities
  • Inherited monogenic diseases

The test covers more health-related markers, giving us a comprehensive overview of our genetic health profile.

Like Starter DNA, Advanced DNA offers a test kit for children with a saliva sample swab designed for their age.

What’s Inside the Kit?

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 4

Source: TellMeGen website

The kit is available from the website and should arrive within two to four days after placing your order. It contains the following:

  • Collection tube with DNA stabilizing solution
  • Funnel top
  • Plastic clamshell casing
  • Prepaid return label
  • Detailed instructions on how to properly collect DNA sample

What You Get With Your Report

Let’s discuss the reports I got from the TellMeGen DNA Test. Before anything, here’s what the online portal looks like:

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 5

Personal Traits

One of the features I liked the most was the Personal Traits section. It estimated over 50 characteristics unique to my genetic makeup, which was a lot more than I thought they’d be able to determine.

Some of my favorites were alcohol flush reaction, cognitive ability, and sleep duration. I didn’t really think my genes had anything to do with my terrible sleep schedule, but I guess it may just be hard-coded in me.

My report showed that I have a low probability of alcohol flush, which I did notice to be true to life. I don’t really get red when drinking, and it made sense why when the test told me about how my body breaks down alcohol.

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 6

The Personal Traits section is available for both the Starter and Advanced Test reports.


TellMeGen also looks into common health markers, like HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, blood glucose, etc. This is pretty par for the course.

What’s cool is that the analysis extended to cover less common traits, such as an analysis of my preference for sweets. This is something I already knew to be true, but I didn’t think it was something that could be predicted by my genes, either (so I guess I have an excuse for being a sweet tooth).

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 7

The Wellness section is included in both Starter and Advanced DNA test reports.


TellMeGen also attempted to uncover my ancestry and track my maternal and paternal haplogroups (haplogroups refer to a genetic population sharing a common ancestor on their maternal and paternal lines).1

TellMeGen does this by analyzing the genetic variants in my autosomal DNA, the genetic material we carry in our autosomal chromosomes, which we inherit from our parents.2

Autosomal DNA holds the segments of DNA we share with everyone we’re related to. TellMeGen looks for those overlapping segments with other test-takers to determine people you may be related to.

Using this method, TellMeGen can attempt to trace people’s ancestries to specific regions or populations. My results showed me that I’m 57.5 percent from Western Asia.

One thing to note, however, is that TellMeGen has a big Western European database, and other regions are not very well-represented. This means that people from other areas may not get as accurate a result compared to people whose regions are the majority.

So while I can believe my result for the most part, I did take it with a grain of salt.

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 8

In the Ancestry report, another section that stood out to me was the DNA Neanderthal section. This was a pretty unique section.

In this feature, TellMeGen compared my DNA with around 6,000 Neanderthal genetic variants to calculate how much Neanderthal genetic material I have.

Neanderthals were known for being simple “cavemen,” and pop culture often references them as “ape-men.” However, most research shows they were brilliant and skilled hunters and craftsmen.3 Evidence also shows that Neanderthals had a complex society and created tools.4

We belong to the Homo sapiens species, while the Neanderthals belong to the Homo neanderthalensis. According to science, they are our closest ancient human relatives.

However, evidence suggests they didn’t behave like the early modern humans who lived during the same period.

As for the DNA Neanderthal report, my result showed I have 1.5 percent Neanderthal DNA.

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 9

The Ancestry section is available in both the Starter and Advanced report. 

Genetic Predisposition to Diseases

Genetic predisposition to diseases describes your increased likelihood of developing complex diseases potentially linked to genetics. Some genetically predisposed health conditions you may inherit include:5

  • Asthma
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Some types of hereditary cancer

The TellMeGen DNA test compared my DNA to the thousands of genetic profiles in their database to determine my potential genetic predispositions to more than 50 complex diseases.

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 10

It was a little anxiety-inducing to see that I was at risk for a few things, even if it was “just” a medium risk. Still, it’s good to remember that these DNA test results aren’t totally conclusive. Even if you have a genetic risk for anything, you can take measures to improve your lifestyle and avoid developing any conditions.

You can also work with a genetic counselor or your healthcare provider to manage your risks.

That aside, I had a feeling I had a risk for Alzheimer’s, considering my family history. I did get nervous, but I knew to go to my doctor first to get a second opinion.

Pharmacological Compatibilities

Pharmacogenetics, sometimes called pharmacogenomics, is an area of research examining how our genes affect our body’s response to drugs.6 This helps doctors choose the best medications and dosage for each person.

TellMeGen DNA checked my DNA to assess my body’s response to over 170 medications.

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 11

I never gave much thought to the side effects of medication, as I never really experienced any extreme ones. However, knowing that there are much milder side effects or even just slightly increased risks of any side effect was pretty telling.

One thing I noticed with this report was that it was consistently updated. I found that reassuring since it told me that TellMeGen was taking the science behind it seriously.

Inherited Monogenic Diseases

A mutation or alteration in the DNA sequence of a single gene can cause monogenic diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, familial breast cancer, and so on.7 TellMeGen’s DNA testing kit assessed my DNA to determine if I carry these mutated genes linked to monogenic diseases.

An interesting feature of the test is that it identified if I currently carry these mutated genes and assessed how likely I am to pass them down to my future children (also known as carrier status).

TellMeGen DNA checked for over 95 monogenic diseases. The genetic report stated if a certain variant was present or not in my DNA.

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 12

TellMeGen didn’t just stop at labels, either. While many DNA tests simply tell you your risk, TellMeGen also let me learn more about a condition.

When I clicked on a certain condition on the list, it took me to a page with my results and other crucial information, such as symptoms, causes of the condition, prevention, or disease management.

Is the Test Accurate?


Accuracy is vital in DNA tests, and based on my experience with TellMeGen, I can say that it lived up to this expectation.

However, TellMeGen made it clear that the reliability of their test depends on the raw genetic data and how it is interpreted. Mistakes can occur at any point, whether it’s handling your sample or even errors during analysis.

What Methods Does TellMeGen Use?

TellMeGen deploys Illumina® iScan technology and the latest Infinium Global Screening Array or GSA genotyping chip version in its testing process.

According to the company, this chip includes around 650,000 genetic markers and another 10,000 customized probes, guaranteeing a reliability rate of over 99.99%.

The chip also adds markers replicated multiple times as internal quality control, contributing to the test’s accuracy.

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 13

TellMeGen also uses the power of genetics and computation to analyze tens of millions of variants with a DNA chip, a method known as imputation-based analysis. This thorough method allows them to estimate our genetic risk more accurately than ever.

TellMeGen also enlists the help of a team of doctors who carefully interpret genetic data. I like this because it adds a human element to it, making it a strong system for checking and updating genetic information to ensure we get accurate and up-to-date information.

As for the ancestry analysis, TellMeGen uses a statistical comparison methodology between a user’s genetic information and a reference database. Even though the accuracy rests on the genetic populations being compared, TellMeGen ensures that each case is as accurate as possible.

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 14

From my experience, my Ancestry results told me some exciting things about my family history and family tree that fit well with what I already knew.

TellMeGen takes great care to ensure the accuracy of its DNA tests, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to learn more about their genetic profile.

How the Test Works

Having personally used the TellMeGen DNA test kit, I can tell you the process is straightforward. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Order a genetic test from their website. I find their website easy to navigate, so it may only take a couple of minutes for you to complete your purchase. 
  2. Once you’ve received your kit, your next step is to create an account on their online portal. You need to register the kit using the included registration code.
  3. Next, deposit the saliva sample into the collecting tube until it reaches the marker. It’s important that you avoid smoking, drinking, or chewing gum within 30 minutes prior to ensure accuracy.
  4. You can ship the sample as soon as you’ve collected your sample using the prepaid return label.
  5. You’ll have to wait for the results, which usually arrive within four to six weeks. 

Where Can I Buy the Product?

I found it super convenient to order TellMeGen test kits from their website, although you can also buy them from Amazon.

How Much Does the Product Cost?

TellMeGen offers tests in single and packs. You can buy them at these one-time-purchase prices: 

  • Starter DNA Kit — €99
  • Children Starter DNA Kit — €99
  • Advanced DNA Kit — €199
  • Children Advanced DNA Kit — €199

In my research, I noticed that you can save more money when you buy them in bulk. For instance, if you purchase a duo pack of Starter kits, the price is reduced to €94.50 per kit. 

As for the payment method, you can pay with either PayPal or a credit card. You don’t have to worry about the security of your payment details since the company uses a payment platform that meets all security requirements.

Did you know that TellMeGen also allows the uploading of raw DNA data from different companies? If you’ve taken a DNA test already, you can upload your raw data here

The Raw Data Starter report costs €9.99, while the Raw Data Advanced report costs €19.99.

TellMeGen vs. Competitors

Now, let’s look at how TellMeGen fares with other brands that offer the same services. 

TellMeGen23andMe AncestryDNA
Price range€99 to €199$99 to $229$99 to $199
Covers personal traitsYes (over 50 characteristics)YesYes (over 35 personal traits)
Tests health markersYes (more than 30 items)Yes (more than five items)No
Tests genetic predispositions Yes (more than 50 health conditions)Yes (More than ten health conditions)No
Areas in genetic ancestry covered– Ancestry compositions
– Migration paths
– Maternal Haplogroup
– Paternal Haplogroup
– Neanderthal DNA percentage
– Ancestry Composition
– Ancestry Detail Reports (48 reports)
– Family Tree
– Maternal Haplogroup
– Paternal Haplogroup
– Neanderthal Ancestry
– Migration paths
– Ethnicity estimates and matches by parental side
– DNA matches
– DNA communities
Includes relative finderYes, but at an additional costYesYes
Includes pharmacogeneticsYesYes, but you need a membership to accessNo
Checks for carrier status Yes (over 95 reports)Yes (over 40 reports)No
Results turnaround timeFour to six weeksThree to four weeksSix to eight weeks

TellMeGen vs. 23andMe

Both companies have much to offer, but TellMeGen covers more health-related items (health markers, genetic predispositions, and carrier reports).

On the other hand, 23andMe’s ancestry reports are more thorough. 23andMe results come back faster, too, but some features come with additional costs or require a membership.

TellMeGen vs. AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA used to offer services like genetic predispositions, carrier status, pharmacogenetics, and so on but discontinued these services in 2021.

TellMeGen, on the other hand, continues to offer health-related assessments, such as health markers, genetic predispositions, carrier status, and pharmacogenetics.

However, AncestryDNA does a better job of giving more detailed ancestry reports.

Is The Test Worth It?

Yes, the TellMeGen DNA test is worth it. I enjoyed the insights I got and the amount of information each report provided me. They were comprehensive but pretty easy to understand.

I understand that not all tests are created equal. However, TellMeGen stands out for its comprehensiveness and reliability.

I recommend this test, particularly to health-conscious people. This is because I believe they’ll benefit from the health and wellness reports. If you’re looking to dig deeper into your ancestry, however, and you’re not from Western Europe, you may have better luck elsewhere for more accurate results.

However, I’d like to caution that despite the wide range of genetic information these tests give, they should not replace regular visits to your doctor. 

Additionally, even though TellMeGen is an insightful genetic test, those desiring an in-depth evaluation might want to get a whole genome sequencing DNA test.

What Does the TellMeGen DNA Test Tell You? 15

TellMeGen uses a comprehensive genotyping method suitable for those looking for a broad genetic analysis. But a whole genome sequencing DNA test reads your entire DNA sequence base by base.

It could help to unlock even more precise details about your genetic makeup.

How We Evaluated The Test

After hours of thorough research, our team developed a set of comprehensive criteria to assess TellMeGen.

Below is an overview of our evaluation of why TellMeGen is our best DNA test kit for health:


After thorough market research, I can vouch that TellMeGen DNA tests are fairly priced. They stay within the affordable price range for comprehensive at-home DNA test kits.

It’s truly value for money, compared to other DNA testing companies, because of the reports and insights it can provide.

Excellent Customer Support

Like other users, I found the company’s customer service to be responsive and extremely accommodating. You can contact them through phone, email, or regular mail.

They strive to respond within 24 hours. I experienced getting a reply in less than 12 hours when I emailed their customer service team. Note that their chat support replies in minutes, so long as you message within their business hours.


TellMeGen is very upfront with how it uses our DNA data, so I didn’t have to worry about my information being sold to third-party companies.

The company ensures our information is secured through its privacy measures. For instance, when I signed up for a testing kit, I got a code to keep my private information safe.

Their website uses SSL encryption methods, making it safe to visit.

Comprehensive Results 

The health-related assessments by TellMeGen are extensive and contain priceless information. I’ve observed that they cover more items than other brands available in the market, making TellMeGen stand out as one of the best DNA tests for me. It offers an in-depth analysis of DNA markers to uncover genetic health issues.

About The Company

TellMeGen is a genetic testing company based in Spain focusing on easy-to-understand health reports.

Their test kits evaluate your genetic predispositions to different health conditions. They also go over your traits, ancestry, and drug metabolism.

We recommend their test kits because they report your genetic susceptibility to various disorders well. You’ll also get adequate support from their research tools and customer service.

The company has honed its tests to give clear and simple results to people curious about their genetic health.

Why Trust Us

KnowYourDNA is committed to making healthcare more accessible to the public. That’s why we feature products that meet industry standards.

We only choose at-home kits that provide reliable testing methods and science-backed reports to improve your health.

Our in-house medical experts help ensure the accuracy of the information we provide our readers. They review every material before publication.

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Updated on March 18, 2024
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Updated on March 18, 2024
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Cristine Santander
Cristine Santander
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Cristine Santander is a content writer for KnowYourDNA. She has a B.S. in Psychology and enjoys writing about health and wellness.