How to Download Your DNA Data from every company

Getting your DNA tested allows gives you insight into your ancestry and sometimes your health factors and preferences.

It makes sense to download your personal raw DNA data, either:

For safekeeping, before you delete it from the service for privacy
To upload the data to other sites
In case anything ever happens to the data or the company where it resides currently

This guide will show you how to download your RAW DNA data from multiple DNA collection companies, such as 23andMe, Ancestry, LivingDNA, MyHeritage, and GPS Origins.

23andMe (review)

Downloading your 23andMe raw data is simple. Navigate to the bar on the far left of your 23andme account and click it and select “Browse Raw Data”:

Screenshot of 23andMe menu to download your raw DNA data.

This brings you to the following page:

23andMe download your raw DNA data.

Clicking the download link brings you to a disclaimer page:

Disclaimer you have to accept before downloading your raw DNA data from 23andMe.

After reading the consent document, click the button, and 23andMe will email you your raw DNA data to your email address on file once it is completed.

Ancestry (review of the service here)

Navigate to the following link(while logged into your account):

Ancestry / Account / Data

Here you can download your Account Data:

Screenshot that shows you before allowing you to download your account data.

Your Family Tree Data:

Download your family tree raw data

Or your Raw DNA data:

Download your ancestry raw DNA data.

Clicking this will make you check a box showing you understand that your data is no longer under Ancestry’s control and will submit a request for your DNA data. They will email you a download page of your data file once it’s ready.


LivingDNA (review)

LivingDNA’s raw data download option isn’t hidden behind many screens. After you log in, on the left-hand bar, click “Download Raw Data”:

Screenshot on how to download raw DNA data from living DNA.

This brings you to a disclaimer:

Disclaimer for living DNA raw DNA download.

A neat feature LivingDNA gives you before downloading your Raw DNA is to download the autosomal, the mtDNA, or the Y-DNA. Using these you can look at the genetic data from your motherline or fatherline:

Download raw autosomal, mtDNA, or Y-DNA from Living DNA

No email confirmation for LivingDNA, your DNA download file is available immediately after clicking these links.

MyHeritage (read our review here)

MyHeritage has a relatively simple process for downloading your raw DNA data, as well. Go to the DNA tab on their navigation bar and select “Manage DNA Kits”:

Navigation menu to download your raw DNA data.

Click the three dots and select “Download Kit.”

Second menu to download raw DNA data from myHeritage.

This brings you to a disclaimer you have to accept:

Disclaimer MyHeritage makes you accept before downloading your raw DNA data.

MyHeritage will send you an email with instructions on how to download your DNA data.

On the top of GPS Origin’s site, click (your name’s) Account & Results

Download raw DNA data from GPS origins from this menu.

Click “Download Raw Data.” There is no email or anything for GPS origins; you should get a zip file with your DNA data.