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What Does the GenePlaza DNA Test Tell You?
Updated on February 14, 2024
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DNA Testing
What Does the GenePlaza DNA Test Tell You?
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Key Takeaways

What Does the GenePlaza DNA Test Tell You? 1

Source: Geneplaza website

Our verdict: We were very happy to find that GenePlaza was a user-friendly platform that made genetic testing personal using our raw DNA information.

GenePlaza offers several unique insights that other DNA tests may not have. After trying it out, we think it’s a great solution for anyone looking for more than what standard DNA tests offer—we highly recommend it.

The information you can get by having your DNA analysis with GenePlaza through its web apps ranges from ancestry to ethnicity to health predispositions.

We've found that many DNA tests only include basic information in their reports. For instance, we experienced reviewing a DNA test that only analyzes DNA for ancestry. We also experienced evaluating a test that only focuses on health assessment.

But what if you are curious about both or want to learn even more about your DNA sample past the most common reports?

What Does the GenePlaza DNA Test Tell You? 2

GenePlaza shines in this area. It is an open marketplace offering a range of DNA data analyses to personalize the insight you’d get from your raw DNA data.

We didn’t expect to see analyses like the Intelligence App (IQ test), the Neuroticism App (mood and behavior), and the Coffee Metabolism App (caffeine consumption).

If you have raw DNA data, you can upload it to GenePlaza's marketplace for more analysis options.

Use your results for a more comprehensive consultation with a health professional.

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Product Review Summary

Aside from our personal experience, we also scanned hundreds of GenePlaza reviews. Here are some of the most common comments we read:


  • Offers a variety of tests you can choose from based on your preferences and budget
  • Allows you to upload raw DNA data from other companies
  • The website was easy to navigate, with a modern and dynamic interface
  • Stringent privacy policy, which means your data is safe


  • Doesn’t provide extensive genetic reports in a single app
  • Doesn’t run whole genome sequencing

What Tests Do They Offer?

GenePlaza has a unique selection of 20 genetic apps to analyze your DNA.

Each app provides specific reports on the traits it analyzes, focusing on providing targeted insights rather than comprehensive ones.

The apps can be categorized based on their report results:

  • Ancestry and Ethnicity Apps
  • Health and Wellness Apps
  • Traits Apps

You can view the complete list of all the apps here.

Each app gives you a unique, specified result, so a full genetic report may require purchasing different apps.

What Does the GenePlaza DNA Test Tell You? 3

Source: GenePlaza website

However, the Health Traits app offers the most extensive results, including health reports and information about medical history and genetic predispositions.

Here are some of the most interesting apps GenePlaza gave us:

  • Intelligence App – The Intelligence app compared my DNA with the genetic markers of SNPs that were found to be linked to IQ in a specific study. From there, it estimated what my IQ might have been if I had joined the intelligence genetic model.1
  • Neuroticism App – The Neuroticism app estimated my score if I had joined a specific study on neuroticism. This study obtains a person's neuroticism level from their DNA. A high score suggests a person might experience negative emotions like anxiety and frustration more often.2
  • Coffee Metabolism – The Coffee Metabolism app calculated my body's ability to metabolize caffeine and suggests how much coffee I should drink based on my DNA.3

Bronze Age DNA Test

One of the latest apps launched by GenePlaza is the Bronze Age DNA Test. The Bronze Age Test explores your genetic similarity to ancient cultures from the Bronze Age.

Scientists have sequenced the human genomes from the remains of ancient people and compiled it in a database. The Bronze Age test compares your DNA to the information pulled from the resulting genome database.

DNA sequencing can be described as the process of reading the information stored in your DNA. Scientists use advanced molecular biology lab techniques to extract and read genomic data from preserved ancient remains.

An example of these techniques is polymerase chain reaction (PCR). It copies and magnifies DNA fragments, allowing scientists to study old or degraded DNA.

It’s cool how the app looks at the shared mutation among people from the same region to identify distinct regional genomic components that comprise their genomes. These are called gene pools.4

The test then calculates the percentage of your genome composed of these Bronze Age gene pools.

What Does the GenePlaza DNA Test Tell You? 4

Source: GenePlaza website

Quick Facts on the GenePlaza Test

Price$9.99 to $20
Testing methodGenotyping
Sample collectionSaliva sample

What You Get With Your Report

GenePlaza’s Bronze Age Test is available in two distinct versions: the Beginner and the Advanced. 

Both versions offer fascinating details about your genetic makeup but do so in varying ways.


What Does the GenePlaza DNA Test Tell You? 5

The Beginner version of the Bronze Age test calculates the proportion of six ancient gene pools present in your genome and compares the results to seven cultures from the Bronze Age. 

The Bronze Age gets its name because it's when humans made tools and weapons from bronze, a type of metal.5 

The six ancient gene pools the test assesses include: 

  • East Africa (Africa)
  • Eurasian Hunter-Gatherers (Europe)
  • Canaan and Anatolia (the Middle East)
  • Albion and Alba (Great Britain)
  • Northeast Asia (Asia and Oceania)
  • North and South Paleoamerica (America)

The test compares your results to seven Bronze Age cultures:

  • The Chencherere culture (Africa)
  • Spain Bell Beakers (Europe)
  • Minoan (Europe)
  • Hittite (Middle East)
  • Early Bronze Age Bell Beaker in England (Great Britain)
  • Deer Stone culture (Mongolia)
  • Early Paleo-Eskimo culture (Canada)

Your results indicate which ancient cultures you are most genetically similar to. 

We found the Beginner version clear and enlightening. It came with ancestry tests that give insights into our shared heritage with these ancient cultures.

Keep in mind: lost history means the test can't be perfect, as some groups' genes no longer exist to compare yours to.


For those craving even more detail, the Advanced version gives a richer, more intricate view of genetic connection to those people from the ancient Bronze Age.

It digs deeper, looking at ten gene pools and 25 Bronze Age cultures for comparison.

It takes what the Beginner version offers and expands on it by adding these gene pools that are unique to this test, including:

  • East Africa (Africa)
  • European Bell Beakers (Europe)
  • Yamnaya (Europe)
  • Canaan and Anatolia (Middle East)
  • Early-Middle Bronze Age Albion and Alba (Great Britain)
  • Late Bronze Age Albion and Alba (Great Britain)
  • Atlantic-Celtic (Great Britain)
  • Northeast Asia (Asia)
  • South Paleoamerica and Oceania (South America and Oceania)
  • North Paleoamerica (North America)

Your results are compared to a total of 25 Bronze Age cultures, including:

  • Chencherere culture (Africa)
  • Corded Ware culture (Europe)
  • South-Western Iberian Bronze (Europe)
  • Sintashta culture (Europe)
  • Poltavka culture (Europe)
  • Yamnaya culture (Europe)
  • Bell beaker in Spain (Europe)
  • Protocogotas culture (Cogotas I) (Europe)
  • Minoan (Middle East)
  • Mycenaean (Middle East)
  • Ain Ghazal culture (Middle East)
  • Canaanites (Middle East)
  • Hittite (Middle East)
  • Assyrian (Middle East)
  • Early Bronze Age Bell Beaker in England (Great Britain)
  • Early Bronze Age Bell Beaker in Wales (Great Britain)
  • Early Bronze Age Bell Beaker in Scotland (Great Britain)
  • Jomon culture (Asia)
  • Saka culture (Asia)
  • Deer Stone culture (Asia)
  • Dong Son Culture (Asia)
  • Lapita culture (Oceania)
  • The Cuncaicha Highland settlements (South America)
  • Early Paleo-Eskimo culture (North America)
  • San Nicolas Island culture (North America)

This enhanced comparison allows you to explore a broader range of your Bronze Age heritage and discover potential connections to more ancient cultures.

The Advance test is suitable if you are keen on getting a high-definition breakdown of your Bronze Age ancestry.

What Does the GenePlaza DNA Test Tell You? 6

We also recommend it to those who wish to learn more about their genetic links to various ancient civilizations.

The report was surprisingly very detailed and gave us a deeper understanding of our genetic similarity to ancient populations.

Both the Beginner and Advanced versions of the Bronze Age test gave us an idea of our genetic makeup if we existed during the Bronze Age. Their only difference is that the Beginner version is a low-resolution DNA test while the Advanced is a high-resolution. 

The Bronze Age Test is just an example of the reports you can get from the genetic apps in GenePlaza. Remember, each app will give you specific results. 

If you’d like to get further insight into your DNA data, we encourage you to buy the GenePlaza app you’re most interested in.

Is the Test Accurate?

Yes, for the most part. Based on currently available data, the test strives to provide a good estimate of your genetic similarity to ancient Bronze Age populations.

However, several factors can potentially affect the accuracy of the results, including: 

  • The information about the Bronze Age populations is still incomplete
  • Some regions, like Africa, have fewer DNA samples recovered. The weather conditions caused most DNA to degrade. 
  • It may cover only some of the ancient cultures around the world. 

How the Test Works

Taking the test will require you to follow a few simple steps:

  • Create an account on GenePlaza’s website using your email address. Signing up is free. 
  • Upload your raw DNA file. GenePlaza accepts importing DNA data from 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, FTDNA, or MyHeritage.
  • You’ll receive an email once the website processes your DNA data completely.
  • Head over to the Genetic App list to choose the Bronze Age test. 

You will also follow the same steps if you’d like to purchase another genetic app. 

If you don't have DNA data, you may order DNA test kits from GenePlaza. Unfortunately, they only deliver to European countries. 

Where Can I Buy the Product? 

You can get any GenePlaza app from their website

How Much Does the Product Cost?

Taking the Bronze Age DNA test will cost you:

  • Basic – $9.99
  • Advanced – $20

The genetic app store offers various web apps with prices ranging from $5 to $35. 

GenePlaza vs. Competitors

Testing methodGenotypingGenotyping
Number of apps offered 20 appsOver 100 apps
Companies accepted 23andMe
Ancestry DNA
FamilyTree DNA
Ancestry DNA
Offers free appsNoYes

GenePlaza vs. MyGenome Box

GenePlaza has a decent range of genetic apps, but MyGenome Box offers a broader range.

While MyGenome Box accepts DNA data from various companies, it doesn’t accept data imported from MyHeritage.

The genetic apps from GenePlaza are more affordable, although MyGenome Box offers a couple of free apps. 

Is the Test Worth It?

The Bronze Age DNA test and the other GenePlaza apps are definitely worth checking out. 

They are suitable for people looking for additional insights into their genetic data. 

Besides, GenePlaza allows you to select and prioritize the specific aspects of your genetic information you wish to explore. 

GenePlaza provides a personalized experience so you can explore your ancestry, health, unique traits, or other genetic reports.  

How We Evaluated the Test

 Here's what we looked at when reviewing GenePlaza:

  1. Privacy – GenePlaza is committed to retaining the data privacy of its users. The website clearly states that they don’t sell, monetize, or share your information in any way. 
  2. Security – GenePlaza employs standard security protocols, including encryption, to secure the information being sent to its server. 
  3. Reports and results –The various apps on GenePlaza will give you different reports. But they all use graphs, charts, and animations, making them easy to understand.
  4. Cost – Most apps in the GenePlaza app store are affordable, making them more accessible to users interested in gaining additional insights about their DNA data.

Why Trust Us

KnowYourDNA is committed to making healthcare more accessible to the public, which is why we feature products that meet industry standards.

We only choose at-home kits that provide reliable testing methods and science-backed reports to improve your health.

Our in-house medical experts help ensure the accuracy of the information we give our readers by reviewing it before publication.

Know Your DNA Reviews

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Updated on February 14, 2024
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Updated on February 14, 2024
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Cristine Santander
Cristine Santander
Content Contributor
Cristine Santander is a content writer for KnowYourDNA. She has a B.S. in Psychology and enjoys writing about health and wellness.
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