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DNA Testing for Weight Loss

Updated on: July 2, 2021
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Can a DNA test help you lose weight?

DNA Testing for Weight Loss 1

It’s no wonder so many people struggle to reach and/or maintain a healthy weight.

In addition to our lifestyles, we also have to contend with our genetic makeup when it comes to weight loss. No matter how hard a person works to lose weight or live as healthy a life as possible, our genetic information affects our weight.

Knowing what you’re up against when it comes to DNA and weight loss doesn’t mean you can change your genetic information, but it does mean you can make lifestyle changes based on what you learn.

Taking a DNA test could help you lose weight if you know how to use the information.

What are Five Ways DNA Testing Can Help You Lose Weight?

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1. DNA Testing Can Help You Create a Fitness Regimen

The key to succeeding with an exercise plan is to find something you enjoy and that works. What “works” varies from person to person depending on someone’s goals. For example, someone who wants to maintain muscle tone might need to do different exercises than someone who wants to lose weight. Someone who wants to build cardiovascular endurance will choose different exercises than someone training for a bodybuilding competition.

The key here is using genetic information to determine which exercises will offer the best benefits for you based on your goals. The more you know about how your body works based on its genes the better you’ll be able to plan your fitness regimen.

DNA Testing for Weight Loss 2

2. DNA Testing Can Help You Determine Your Injury Risk

Injuries are one of the main reasons why people fall off the exercise wagon. Even the most motivated and disciplined people can lose their enthusiasm for using exercise to lose weight if they suffer an injury. Understanding your risk and knowing how to work around that risk helps you determine which exercises are best for you.

DNA provides a detailed analysis of how your genes affect your body’s ability to build muscle and whether you are susceptible to specific injuries, such as torn ligaments or broken bones.

3. DNA Helps You Understand Your Metabolic Rate

Your metabolic rate determines how fast your body burns calories. People with slower metabolisms tend to have a more difficult time losing weight than those with a faster metabolic rate. People with faster metabolisms need more calories to feel their best and can eat more without concern for gaining weight. DNA testing can help you evaluate your metabolic rate and it’s one of the main ways DNA testing can be used for weight loss.

4. DNA Testing Reveals Food Allergies

When most people hear allergies they think of stuffy noses and other hay fever symptoms. But there are other types of allergies, including food allergies. And food allergies can cause you to hold onto excess body fat.

Food allergies also affect how you feel overall. Not feeling your best means you’ll be less motivated to stay active and put effort into eating healthy. Many people find they spiral into bad habits when they are feeling less-than-optimal. Knowing your food allergies and identifying foods that make you feel bad, even if those bad feelings are subtle, is a great way to improve your overall health.

DNA Testing for Weight Loss 3

5. DNA Testing Helps You Build an Ideal Meal Plan

This last tip is related to food allergies, but it goes deeper than just knowing what triggers an allergic reaction. DNA tests can give you a lot of information about choosing the best foods for your body. You’ll know whether a high-carb low-fat diet works best for you or if the opposite is true.

Ultimately, this is what DNA testing for weight loss is all about. Testing provides you with information that you can use however you choose. You can take what you learn from the test and apply it to your diet, your fitness, and your overall weight loss goals. Like most tools available to help you with weight loss, DNA testing is not a cure-all and you’ll still need to put in the effort to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight, but it’s a great place to begin your weight loss journey.

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