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DNA Fitness Testing Reviews

Writer: Joel
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Updated on: February 3, 2021
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DNA fitness testing is a great way to develop a starting point for your diet and fitness plans. It’s possible to reach your health goals by following a standard diet and exercise routine, but most people have better results when their diet and fitness plans are customized to their specific needs. A DNA fitness test will help you design a plan specifically suited to you.

DNA Fitness Testing

Fitness and diet testing based on DNA is a relatively new field and is still evolving. Not everyone believes these tests are necessary and some even think your DNA has nothing to do with your dietary needs. But others see testing as a tool that can help people overcome their challenges and reach their goals.

A DNA fitness test takes the information in your DNA and presents it to you in a way that helps you make decisions about your fitness and dieting plans. 

Test results provide a look at your metabolism that wouldn’t be possible without DNA information. Some DNA fitness testing companies even pull raw data from existing DNA test results and provide fitness and diet information.

DNA fitness testing provides information about:

  • Dietary intolerance
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Metabolism

Additionally, you’ll get information to help you plan a better diet and fitness routines or the test results will include these tips. For example, some tests tell you:

  • What foods or dietary approaches are best for you
  • How your body is likely to respond to certain types of foods
  • Whether you have a risk of developing a food allergy or intolerance in the future
  • Specific fitness trains, such as how long your body needs to recover or why some exercises are easier than others for you
  • What workout plan is most likely to provide your desired results
  • What exercises are most likely to cause you injury
  • What you can do to boost your athletic performance

Do DNA Tests Work?

There are mixed opinions about whether DNA testing provides useful information or value. However, most health professionals agree that the more you know about your body the better. Most believe that genetics play a role in how your body processes macronutrients, so understanding this helps you beneficially tweak your diet. There are also studies that show that personalized diet and fitness plans are the best way to get results.

If you think DNA fitness testing might be right for you, here are a few of the tests available and what they provide:

DNAFit DNA Test Kit

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This test provides:

  • This test provides:
  • Fitness report that explains how your genes affect your workouts
  • Custom diet and workout plan based on your DNA
  • Nutrition report that shows how your boy interacts with macronutrients and micronutrients
  • 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your results

This test gives you great insight into what you can do to improve your diet and fitness. It provides simple and clear explanations of your results, which are based on an accurate sequencing process. It’s comprehensive, so it costs more than other tests. It takes about four to six weeks to get your results.

Vitagene Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Test Kit

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This test provides:

  • Information about 30 genetic diet traits, including how your body metabolizes fat and carbohydrates
  • DNA diet menu that includes more than 700 recipes designed to suit your DNA profile
  • Information about how your body responds to certain exercises
  • Recommendations for exercises you should try
  • Ancestry report that provides information about your ethnic composition

This is one of the most affordable kits available. You get a basic Ancestry report, as well as a customized menu plan that makes it easy to implement the suggested changes.

Pathway Genomics FiT iQ Weight Loss + Diet DNA Test

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This test provides:

  • Information about the potential genetic link causing your food cravings, including your sweet tooth and snacking tendencies
  • How your body reacts to macronutrients, as well as lactose, alcohol, caffeine, and more
  • How you can best achieve weight loss
  • Personalized diet plan
  • Exercise recommendations

This test gives you an in-depth report with clear explanations in a shorter turnaround time than other tests on the market. Some of the information is basic and includes things you probably already know about your body.


DNA Fitness Testing Reviews 8

This test provides:

  • More than 20 personal insights regarding how your DNA affects your nutrition and fitness
  • More than 30 actionable items you can take to improve your health and fitness
  • Deep dive into your genetic information
  • Seven-day workout plan based on your genetic makeup
  • Nutrition guide and recipe plan

This test offers one of the most in-depth options available. It includes free recipes and a one-week exercise plan based on your DNA with the option to upgrade for a fee. It’s one of the pricier tests available.

Most of these tests require you to upload DNA samples for testing, but some pull your raw data directly from another testing provider, such as Ancestry or 23andMe. Make sure you know which option is required before choosing a test.

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