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The Pros and Cons of Byte Aligners: Our Review

Updated on April 19, 2022
Written by
Ada Sandoval
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What Are Byte Aligners?

Byte® offers at-home aligners as a convenient and budget-friendly option for a teeth straightening kit. The company says these invisible aligners are practical alternatives to traditional braces and in-office treatments like Invisalign.

By taking the treatment process to your doorstep, Byte eliminates the need for doctor visits. You can order an impression kit, receive your treatment plan, and fix minor teeth alignment issues — all without having to leave home.

The Pros and Cons of Byte Aligners: Our Review 9

Byte’s aligners fit better in your mouth and are barely visible when worn. That’s because these "invisible braces" are made of clear plastic. It feels different from wearing braces whose metal wires, brackets, and elastic bands get in the way.

Clear aligners are also easy to remove. You can take them out when eating or brushing your teeth. You can also switch aligners every few days or weeks, depending on your treatment.

Byte is known for its short treatment time of 3 to 6 months. But it’s the HyperByte® device that makes them stand out against competition. It cuts treatment time in half by using high-frequency vibrations (HFV) to accelerate tooth movement. Byte is the only brand that offers this device.

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Byte - Best Invisible Aligner for Fast Treatments

Who Can Use Byte?

If you have crooked teeth, Byte may be a good option for teeth straightening.

Byte aligners work on most mild to moderate teeth misalignment. These include crowding (overlapping teeth) and spacing issues where there are visible gaps between teeth.

Children aged 12 can start using Byte aligners if they have the full set of adult teeth.1 Users between the ages of 12 and 18 need their parent’s consent.

Keep in mind that aligners have a limited capability to straighten teeth. So while Byte treatment helps with bite concerns, it cannot fully correct an overbite, underbite, or an open bite.

The Pros and Cons of Byte Aligners: Our Review 10
Our Review Kit

Byte’s aligners cannot treat a deviated midline. It's a condition where one’s upper and lower teeth don’t align at the center of the face. However, aligners can help improve their appearance.

How Much Does Byte Cost?

Byte offers two clear aligners to choose from: All-Day Aligners and At-Night Aligners. You can purchase your preferred aligner treatment system using one-time payment or the BytePay monthly payment plan.

The Pros and Cons of Byte Aligners: Our Review 11

Byte’s Treatment Plans: All-Day vs. At-Night Aligners

Byte All-Day Aligners cost $1,895 upfront. If you purchase the treatment system with BytePay, you must pay $82 per month for 32 months plus a $249 down payment. This brings the total cost of their daytime aligners to $2,869.

Byte’s At-Night Aligners cost $2,295 upfront. You can also buy the aligner kit for $99 per month for 32 months plus a $299 down payment. If you opt for monthly payments, you end up paying a total of $3,467.

Each Byte aligner system includes:

  • HyperByte® device
  • One (1) Byte retainer
  • Doctor-prescribed custom aligners
  • Teeth whitening treatment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Byte for Life Guarantee

Your payment will cover support from Byte’s dental professionals. Besides creating your personalized treatment plan, these dentists and orthodontists will oversee your progress and provide 7-day support if needed.

Byte’s treatments also come with a lifetime guarantee that lets you keep your smile. If your teeth shift out of alignment after treatment, Byte can provide additional aligners at no extra cost.

Other Byte Products

The Pros and Cons of Byte Aligners: Our Review 12

Byte offers these dental care products on their online shop:

  • Byte Impression Kit — $95
  • BrightByte® Teeth Whitener — $30
  • Byte Protection Plan — $649
  • HyperByte® — $699
  • Byte Retainers — $129

BrightByte and HyperByte are part of your Byte treatment plan. However, the impression kit and protection plan are not included in the package. Thankfully, you can purchase these products separately on the Byte website.

Are Byte Aligners Safe?

Byte takes several precautions to keep you safe throughout the treatment process.

Byte teeth aligners do not contain toxic ingredients. They are made of BPA-free medical-grade polymer plastic, which makes them safe to wear.

Before starting with treatment, a dentist or orthodontist will review your impressions to see if you’re qualified to receive Byte aligners. Only people with mild to moderate teeth misalignment are approved for treatment.

Byte is connected with over 200 dental professionals, including doctors, dentists, and orthodontists from all over the United States. They will keep track of your progress to ensure your safety and that your treatment is going well.

Overall, Byte is generally safe to use. But we still recommend visiting a dental professional. Byte’s dentists and orthodontists may not be able to check for gum disease, cavities, jaw problems, and other conditions that will prevent you from safely wearing aligners.

Does Byte Really Work?

Currently, there are no studies proving that Byte can straighten teeth.

However, studies show that aligner treatment works on mild to moderate teeth alignment issues, regardless of the brand.2 In a survey published by the American Dental Association, up to 87.5 percent of people who use invisible aligners are satisfied with the results.3

While these studies involve other aligners, they suggest that Byte works similarly.

Is HyperByte worth the hype?

Byte treatment lasts an average of 3 to 6 months, though it sometimes takes longer. Compared to standard braces and Invisalign treatment which take up to 18-24 months, Byte moves teeth faster thanks to HyperByte.

However, research on high-frequency acceleration or HFA (the same technology used in HyperByte) yields contradicting results.

One study suggests that when used with clear aligners, it can speed up tooth movement in class I malocclusions.4 People with class I maloclussion have a normal bite. But their upper teeth slightly overlap their bottom teeth.

HFA is also associated with more efficient aligner treatments. Patients who used HFA devices needed fewer adjustments on their aligners and treatment plan. However, this study was conducted on a limited population.4

In a systematic review of eight clinical trials, only two show that HFA accelerates canine retraction or tooth movement that corrects dental crowding. Four studies show that HFA has no effect on orthodontic tooth movement.5

This means that while HFA devices such as HyperByte may be safe for mild teeth misalignment, more studies are needed to prove that it actually works.5

The Pros and Cons of Byte Aligners: Our Review 13

Keep in mind: Faster treatment doesn’t mean that Byte aligners are better or more effective at giving you straighter teeth. Orthodontic treatment usually lasts 24.6 months. According to experts, a shorter treatment time may result in incomplete and unstable corrections.6

How Do I Get Started on Byte Treatment?

Here are the steps to Byte’s treatment process.

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Byte - Best Invisible Aligner for Fast Treatments

Step 1: Take impressions using the Byte Impression Kit

First, order an impression kit on the Byte website. It should arrive at your home within 7 days. Each impression kit includes 4 impression trays, a smile stretcher, and some putty. Use them to get impressions of your teeth.

How to get impressions of your teeth
  1. Open the impression kit and empty its contents.
  2. Mix the light and dark putty
  3. Roll the putty inside the impression tray and fill in any gaps
  4. Place the tray in your mouth
  5. Bite down on the tray for 3.5 minutes using constant pressure

Try not to touch the putty when removing the impression tray from your mouth. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until you have two impressions of your upper teeth and two impressions of your lower teeth.

When you’re done, put your impressions inside the box and seal it in the pre-paid envelope that came with your impression kit. Send it back to Byte so dental professionals can review it.

Step 2: Get your Byte treatment plan

Byte’s dentists and orthodontists will check your impressions. If you qualify, they will create a treatment plan based on their proprietary SmileScience.

SmileScience was developed by Dr. Jon Marashi, a Hollywood-based cosmetic dentist. It uses your facial structure to determine the best placement of your teeth.

Next, the Byte team will present a 3D image that shows what your teeth will look like after treatment. Once you approve it, the company will create your aligners and deliver them to your home.

Step 3: Wear your Byte aligners

You can start wearing your custom aligners as soon as they arrive. Byte invisible aligners will gently shift your teeth into place. After wearing one set of aligners for 1-2 weeks, you have to switch to a new set until you complete your treatment.

You can also use BrightByte and HyperByte with your invisible braces. These are included in all treatment plans so you don’t have to buy them separately.

How long does Byte take to work?

The actual treatment time will depend on your unique plan. As a general rule, Bryte recommends wearing clear aligners as follows:

  • All-Day Aligners — wear 22 hours a day for 3-6 months
  • At-Night Aligners — wear 10 hours a day for 5-6 months
How to use BrightByte foam

BrightByte is a 3-in-1 foam solution. It can clean your Bryte teeth aligners, whiten your teeth, and freshen your breath. 

The Pros and Cons of Byte Aligners: Our Review 14

To use BrightByte, follow these steps:

  1. Brush your teeth so it’s clean.
  2. Apply one (1) pump of BrightByte on your aligner
  3. Spread the foam evenly throughout your aligner
  4. Wear your aligners as usual
How to use HyperByte device

For the best results, Byte recommends using the HyperByte device that comes with all treatment plans. It is an FDA-approved device that’s supposed to reduce your treatment time by half.

The Pros and Cons of Byte Aligners: Our Review 15

To use HyperByte, switch it on and place it in your mouth while wearing your Byte teeth aligners. Do this for 5 minutes a day when wearing daytime aligners or 10 minutes a day when using nighttime aligners.

Keep in mind that supplemental vibration is not scientifically proven to reduce treatment time.5 Even if it worked, moving teeth too fast poses a risk on your dental health.

Step 4: Wear your Byte retainers

The Pros and Cons of Byte Aligners: Our Review 16

After completing treatment, you can start wearing retainers. You get one (1) free set of Byte retainers with your treatment plan. 

Like aligners, Byte lets you use BrightByte with your retainers.

Byte Reviews — How it Compares to Invisible Aligners

Byte is still a relatively new brand of teeth aligners. But it’s also one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. 

One of the reasons why Byte stands out is because of HyperByte, a device that speeds up the teeth straightening process. In this review, we compare Byte aligners with other makers of invisible braces.

Byte vs. Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign may be an expensive option, with prices ranging from $3,000 to $8,000. However, it can provide safer and more effective teeth straightening.

For starters, Invisalign requires frequent visits to a licensed dentist or orthodontist who will monitor your progress and adjust your treatment as necessary. Byte is merely an at-home solution that gives you the convenience of doing everything at home — including tracking your progress.

Byte aligners can be used for mild to moderate teeth misalignment. Invisalign works on more complex cases and has a longer treatment period of 12 to 18 months.

If you want invisible braces that are scientifically proven and just as good as orthodontic treatment, go for Invisalign.7 But if you prefer a more convenient and affordable option, then Byte is a decent choice. 


Both offer clear aligners for daytime and nighttime use. But ALIGNERCO is more affordable and only costs up to $1,345 upfront.

While Byte’s treatment plans are shorter, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. ALIGNERCO has a more reasonable treatment period of 6 to 18 months.

Byte vs. SmileDirectClub

Smile Direct Club shares a lot of similarities with Byte. For instance, both aligners have short treatments of 3 to 6 months. The two brands also have flexible payment options.

Their daytime aligners are about the same price. However, Byte’s nighttime aligners cost $295 more than Smile Direct’s night aligners when paid upfront.

Byte vs. New Smile

New Smile is a lot like Smile Direct Club, so it makes sense that it also has plenty in common with Byte. Both have monthly payment options. Byte and New Smile also have short treatment times of 3 to 6 months.

Between the two, New Smile gives you a more affordable way to straighten teeth. Their aligners are priced at $1,295, which is $600 less than Byte. 

Byte vs. Candid

Candid used to be the most expensive invisible braces. But recently, the company reduced its price from $2,400 to $1,895 so it’s now the same as Byte aligners.

Both companies are known for their excellent customer service. Although Candid provides smoother onboarding for beginners.

Candid also has safer treatment options. Unlike Byte, they don’t have night aligners and treatments last for at least 6 to 12 months.

Pros and Cons of Byte Aligners

Pros Cons
✓ Offers flexible payment options: You can either pay upfront or monthly ✗ Doesn’t ask questions about your dental history
✓ Comprehensive dental program that provides teeth straightening and teeth whitening ✗ Relies solely on impressions to see if you can be treated with Byte aligners
✓ Byte’s aligner system has everything you need for the treatment — from clear aligners to retainers ✗ There are no shops you can visit for in-person scans
✓ Accepts payment via health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), CareCredit, and Splitit ✗ Only treats minor to moderate cases of misaligned teeth
✓ Byte for Life Guarantee provides additional aligners at no extra cost ✗ Fast treatment poses risks
✓ Byte Protection Plan provides 5 years supply of retainers plus replacements in case of lost or stolen aligners ✗ No in-depth monitoring

Are Byte Aligners Worth It?

Byte offers a more comprehensive dental care solution than most aligner companies. When you purchase their aligner system, you are not just getting custom aligners. You get everything you need to last the entire treatment — plus a lifetime guarantee.

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Byte - Best Invisible Aligner for Fast Treatments

One of which is the BrightByte Foam which acts as a teeth whitener, breath freshener, and aligner cleaner in one. The other is HyperByte, which uses science-backed technology to hasten the treatment process.

Moving teeth too quickly is not yet proven to be safe, however. We only recommend Byte aligners if you have mild to moderate misaligned teeth 

If you have bite problems and more severe misalignment, you might want to consider orthodontic treatment and in-office solutions like Invisalign.


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