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The Best Pet DNA Tests to Give as Holiday Gifts for Cat &Dog Lovers
Updated on August 16, 2022
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The Best Pet DNA Tests to Give as Holiday Gifts for Cat &Dog Lovers
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We all know someone who likes cats and dogs more than they do people. And you know what makes a great holiday gift for them and their furry friends?

A pet DNA test kit.

It can help them find out which breeds are in a cat or dog’s DNA and whether they have ancestors of wild dogs or wild cats. It also offers insight into why they have certain traits.

Pet DNA test kits check for potential health risks. Certain breeds are more prone to disease. And these tests can help your loved one make better decisions to ensure their pet’s health.

Needless to say, they make great gifts whether you are a dog lover or a cat person.

The Best Pet DNA Tests to Give as Holiday Gifts for Cat &Dog Lovers 3

The Best Cat & Dog DNA Tests to Gift Pet Parents for Christmas

  1. Best Holiday Gift for Dog Lovers — Embark
  2. Best Holiday Gift for Cat Lovers — BasePaws
  3. Best Holiday Gift for Pet Parents — Wisdom Panel
  4. Best Unique Holiday Gift for Cats & Dogs — 5Strands

Embark — The Best Holiday Gift for Dog Lovers

Embark (also known as Embark Veterinary or Embark Vet) is a leading brand in canine genetics. They exclusively offer DNA testing kits for dogs and puppies.

Some of these tests are for pet parents who want to know more about their dogs. Others are for dog breeders who want to make sure they get healthy pups with desirable traits.


  • Identifies 350+ dog breeds
  • Tests for 210+ health risks in dogs
  • Provides insight on 35+ physical traits
  • Checks for “wild dog” genes (e.g., coyote and wolf)
  • Breeder kit can test for possible inbreeding
  • Lets you connect with the pet parents of your dog’s potential relatives
  • Offers flexible monthly payments for dog breeder kits


  • Dog breeder kits are more costly
  • Flexible payment is not available for standard test kits
  • Some reports may be too complicated for some

Embark Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs 2022

embark dog dna

Basepaws — The Best Holiday Gift for Cat Lovers

Basepaws is the leading provider of cat DNA tests. Their tests are great for any cat parent who wants to learn more about their feline companion.

Some of these tests are unique to the company, which is why it is one of our top picks.


  • Analyzes your cat’s DNA and compares it with 21 cat breeds and 4 breed regions
  • Identifies the top cat breeds that match with your cat
  • Tells you if your cat has “wild cat” DNA
  • Tests for 40+ health conditions
  • Provides insight on 25+ genetic traits
  • Dental health test checks for bacteria that may cause dental issues
  • Whole genome sequencing (WGS) offers a detailed report on your cat’s DNA
  • You can easily share the report with your pet’s veterinarian


  • Does not tell you the specific breed of your cat
  • There is no option to test for cat breed and health risks separately
  • No tests for cat breeders
  • WGS is costly

Basepaws Holiday Gift ideas for Cats 2022

Basepaws Shop Now Button

Wisdom Panel — The Best Holiday Gift for Pet Parents

For pet parents with both cats and dogs, Wisdom Panel is the place to shop for these unique gifts. They have a range of pet DNA tests for dog and cat lovers alike, including kits for pet parents and breeders.

The company has a database on local and foreign breeds, which gets regular updates. So if you want to know your pet’s breed, ancestry, traits, and health risks, Wisdom Panel is a good option.


  • Dog DNA test kit can check for 350+ dog breeds, 35+ traits, 25+ health risks
  • Cat DNA test kit can check for 70+ cat breeds, 25+ traits, and 45+ health risks
  • Breeding kits test for 200+ genetic risks in dogs and 40+ health issues in cats
  • Gives you a percentage breakdown of your pet’s breed
  • Checks if a dog or cat is purebred or mixed breed
  • Traces your pet’s ancestry


  • Ability to find your pet’s relatives is still in its early stages
  • Uploading raw data can be difficult

Wisdom Panel Holiday Gifts for Pet Parents 2022

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA kit

5Strands — Best Unique Holiday Gift Idea for Cats & Dogs

5Strands is unlike other testing companies. It checks pets for intolerances to food and environmental factors that may pose health risks.

The company can also assess their nutritional balance and exposure to toxic metals and minerals.


  • Tests for intolerance to 275+ pet food ingredients and 300+ raw foods
  • Checks for intolerance to 150+ environmental factors
  • Tests can be purchased individually or as a bundle


  • Uses bio-resonance testing, which is still a new technology
  • Cannot test for allergies

5Strands Unique Gift Ideas for Cats & Dogs 2022

The Best Pet DNA Tests to Give as Holiday Gifts for Cat &Dog Lovers 4

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