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The Best Fasting Apps for Losing Weight (2023)
Updated on June 26, 2023
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Diet / Weight Loss
The Best Fasting Apps for Losing Weight (2023)
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Intermittent fasting (IF) has become a popular way to lose weight because it’s much easier to follow—especially compared to other diets. 

Unlike many weight loss diets, you don’t have to count your calories or worry about what foods you need to eat and avoid.

All you have to do is limit your “eating windows” or the times you eat to certain hours or specific days of the week or month.

Of course, this means you have to follow a schedule. While you can use your phone’s alarm clock, intermittent fasting apps are better equipped. 

In addition to basic functions—like alerting you when it’s time to eat or fast—these apps have other amazing features to help with your IF journey.

For instance, they can track your calories and weight loss, suggest healthy foods, help you watch for health changes when you’re fasting, and so much more.

We tried them out ourselves and narrowed down the best intermittent fasting apps for weight loss. Our team also prepared guides so you can choose the perfect app for your needs and learn how to make the most of it.

Why Trust Us?

KnowYourDNA is dedicated to providing readers with reliable information on fasting apps that help them effectively lose weight. We picked apps based on:

  • Brand reputation
  • Available features
  • Ease of use
  • Customer reviews
  • Value for money

Our in-house medical experts ensure the accuracy of our information.

The Top 11 Intermittent Fasting Apps for Weight Loss

Below are the seven best intermittent fasting apps we reviewed. 

We also added four apps frequently mentioned by other reviewers, why we didn’t include them on our final list, and why you should consider them.

Let’s start with the top seven:

1. DoFasting – Best Fasting App for Weight Loss

Cost: $10.48 per month (six-month plan), $14.56 per month (three-month plan), $33.68 per month (one-month plan).

The Best Fasting Apps for Losing Weight (2023) 8

It isn’t quite as popular as other IF apps on our list. But if you’re looking for an all-in-one app to accompany you on your weight loss journey, DoFasting outshines its competitors.

In addition to a fasting tracker and an alarm that notifies you during a fasting or eating window, DoFasting is packed with features to help you get into shape, such as:

  • Food tracker – monitors your meals, daily calories, and macronutrients
  • Healthy recipes – over 5,000+ meal ideas you can add to your diet
  • Guided exercises – hundreds of “no-equipment” workout videos
  • Progress tracker – record your weight, water intake, and steps
  • Health tips – additional resources on fasting and weight loss

DoFasting can sync with a step counter like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. It also offers health supplements to help you lose weight, such as:

DoFasting SupplementsEssential Fiber Complex BoxKeto Cycle FuelBHB Ketone Boost
Cost$44.83 to $69.99 per box$45.80 per five-pack$29.16 per six-month supply
How it promotes weight lossIt can keep you full and suppress your appetite during a fasting window, so you consume fewer calories.Speeds up ketosis and the fat-burning process if you’re on a keto diet.Speeds up ketosis and the fat-burning process if you’re on a keto diet.

Read our DoFasting review to learn more.

2. Zero – Best Intermittent Fasting App for Overall Health

Cost: $9.99 per month (monthly plan) or $69.99 per year (annual plan) with a free seven-day trial.

The Best Fasting Apps for Losing Weight (2023) 9

Unlike most apps on our list that only focus on fasting, Zero can help you improve your diet, lifestyle, and overall health.

It monitors your weight, meals, activities, mood, sleep, and mindful minutes—or the time you spend on a mindfulness practice of your choice—and syncs with Apple Health, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Oura for instant tracking.

At the same time, it provides access to videos and articles that will help you make healthy changes in every category it keeps track of, like your weight, diet, sleeping habits, and so on.

The app can also track and plot your caloric intake, heart rate, blood glucose, and ketone levels on a visual graph so you can closely watch your health trends.

Zero has five fasting plans and immediately gets you started on a diet based on your health goals. It also allows you to create, track, and schedule your fasting diet.

Combined with a clean and user-friendly interface and the ability to sync with Siri so it responds to voice commands, Zero is a pretty solid choice.

3. Window – Best Intermittent Fasting App for Beginners

Cost: $9.99 per month (monthly plan) or $39.99 per year (annual plan) with a free seven-day trial.

The Best Fasting Apps for Losing Weight (2023) 10

Window offers science-backed resources on intermittent fasting, such as guides on choosing a fasting plan, what to eat when you’re not fasting, and more. This is why it’s our top pick for people with no experience in fasting.

When you’re ready, you can choose a fasting diet most suited to your lifestyle. Window currently has ten fasting schedules. Your options are:

  • Recommended fasting plan – based on your health goal and answers to the short quiz you’re asked to take after downloading the app
  • Fixed fasting plan – rigid fasting schedules, which include 12-hour, 16-hour, 18-hour, 20-hour, and 23-hour fasting diet
  • Custom fasting plans – create your own diet plan, follow a fasting goal without watching the time, or set a daily or weekly fasting schedule

After choosing a fasting plan, Window will automatically set alarms on your device so you can be reminded of your fasting and feeding window.

There’s a daily journal where you can record your mood, symptoms, number of meals and snacks, and whether you had healthy or unhealthy foods.

It’s a great feature to see how your current diet and intermittent fasting affect your body. After a week or month, you can use your notes to decide on a schedule that works best for your health.

4. Rhythm – Best Free Intermittent Fasting App

Cost: Free.

The Best Fasting Apps for Losing Weight (2023) 11

Rhythm is the perfect app for people who are experienced in intermittent fasting. It times your fasts and monitors your progress with easy-to-read graphs.

You can set fasting goals of up to 24 hours and see how much time has elapsed since you started a fast on the timer. 

Whenever you end a fast, you’ll get a summary of your fasting period, including the times you started and ended, the total duration of your fast, and your goal.

5. Fastient – Best for Tracking Weight Loss Progress

Cost: $4.99 per year (annual plan) or $11.99 for lifetime access.

The Best Fasting Apps for Losing Weight (2023) 12

Fastient is excellent for weight tracking and helping you make sure that you hit your weight loss goals through intermittent fasting.

Besides keeping records of your weight, it lets you add progress pictures so you can see the positive changes in your body over time and stay motivated.

You can take note of your mood, eating habits, or any experiences you’ve had while fasting—such as your food choices or symptoms like sleep disturbances or improved energy levels.

Fastient also keeps you updated on your progress. Each time you fast, it shows your:

  • Time fasted – how long you’ve been fasting
  • Calories burned – estimates the calories you burn during a fasting period
  • Weight lost – how much weight you lost so far
  • Goal fast length – your current fasting goal
  • Time to goal – the time left until you complete fasting

These are great features for seeing how your current eating pattern and fasting schedule influence your weight and overall health. From here, you can make adjustments as needed.

6. FastHabit – Best Fasting App on a Budget

Cost: $3 for lifetime access.

The Best Fasting Apps for Losing Weight (2023) 13

FastHabit is very easy to use and great for beginners. The free version has some nice features and doesn’t have ads, but it can be limiting for advanced intermittent fasters.

For example, the basic app lets you set reminders for daily fasting but not for custom intermittent fasting plans like alternate-day fasting.

Thankfully, you can get FastHabit Pro and all its helpful tools with a one-time payment of $3. This includes access to the following:

  • Fasting tracker – track your fasting time for up to 120 hours or manually log it in
  • Custom notifications – set reminders on specific days and times of the week so you know when it’s time to start or end your fasting hours
  • Advanced statistics – monitor your fasting and weight loss on a calendar

FastHabit Pro syncs with the Apple Watch and the Apple Health App so it can keep you notified and instantly record your weight, but you can also manually record it.

7. Life Fasting Tracker – Best for Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Cost: $3 per month.

The Best Fasting Apps for Losing Weight (2023) 14

Life Fasting Tracker keeps you updated on your fasting and eating schedule, monitors your progress, and provides trackers that can help you improve your physical and mental health.

In addition to a weight tracker and a water tracker, it allows you to track (and limit) the number of times or hours you spend on the following:

  • Eating fast food
  • Consuming sugary drinks
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Staying seated (sedentary)
  • Listening to music
  • Social interaction
  • Reading

The fasting app can also track your ketones and blood sugar, which makes it useful for people who follow a ketogenic diet, have diabetes, or are prediabetic.

Life Fasting Tracker has useful articles and a marketplace that has tools and programs that will allow you to conveniently learn more about your health.

Its online communities called “circles” is also a great place to interact with and share tips on intermittent fasting.

More Fasting Apps To Consider

Other top-rated intermittent fasting apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play haven’t quite made it on our list but are still worth trying:

1. Fastin Intermittent Fasting

Cost: Starts at $6.99 per week.

Why we didn’t include it: It stopped offering free features and is now a fully-paid IF app with no option for a free trial.

Why you should consider it: Fastin (formerly Femometer Intermittent Fasting) is designed for women’s health. It provides personalized IF tips for women as they undergo monthly hormonal changes.

2. BodyFast

Cost: Starts at $16.99 per month.

Why we didn’t include it: The “personal coach” which comes with BodyFast Pro only provides general guidance on intermittent fasting and meal planning tips. It isn’t personalized to your needs.

Why you should consider it: The app is free and you can still access some features—like the fasting knowledgebase—without paying for anything.

3. Fastic

Cost: Starts at $11.99 per month.

Why we didn’t include it: The home feed has a lot going on—like intrusive ads, plenty of trackers, and a nutrition coach—that it ends up being confusing.

While it has healthy recipes that you can add to your meal plan, our top pick (DoFasting) has twelve times more recipe ideas to choose from.

Why you should consider it: You can use the fasting timer and track your steps, water intake, weight, meals, mood, and weekly progress with the free Fastic app.

Fastic is also known for its daily and weekly challenges, which can keep you motivated and help you stick to your intermittent fasting plan.

4. Sunrise Fast

Cost: Starts at $2.99 per month.

Why we didn’t include it: Sunrise has an ad-supported freemium model. Unfortunately, the ads can be distracting to look at.

Why you should consider it: Sunrise lets you access most of its basic features if you’re willing to put up with the ads.

Among the free features of Sunrise Fasting are a fasting timer, fasting journal, calendar tracking, mood graph, statistics, and learning resources.

Unlocking the premium version removes the ads, lets you save custom presets on the timer, and offers more enhanced stats and insights.

Tips for Choosing the Best Intermittent Fasting App

Now that you have a list of the best IF apps, you’re probably wondering which one you should pick. So we prepared a list of tips to get you started:

1. Evaluate features based on your needs

We suggest trying one app at a time instead of trying them all at once, so you can explore all of its features and fully understand how it works.

All of the IF apps we featured have free trials, provide access to many features with a free account, or have affordable monthly plans you can subscribe to.

Trying them firsthand may help you figure out which features are most useful to you based on your experience level and health goals. For example:

  • Beginners may benefit from apps with preset fasting schedules, health tracking, and note-taking features
  • Experienced dieters may want an app that allows them to set reminders for a custom fasting plan
  • People who are trying to lose weight with intermittent fasting should look into apps that can help improve their diet

2. Consider design and ease of use

Pick an app that you personally find beautiful and easy to navigate because it will help keep you motivated. 

Remember that you will likely use this app for a couple of weeks or months, so you should go with a fasting app that you actually enjoy using.

3. Syncs with other health and fitness tools

If you use apps or devices that track your physical activity or health markers like blood sugar, you may want to opt for a fasting app that integrates with these tools.

Fasting apps that sync with wearables can save you time by automatically recording data, making it easier to monitor your health.

4. Personalized health coaching and advice

Apps that provide guides can be extremely helpful for beginners. They can help you understand intermittent fasting, how it affects your body, and learn other tips.

Having access to a coach can also be useful if you need reassurance that you’re on the right track or want personalized guidance on your fasting schedule.

The more you know about intermittent fasting, the better you’ll be able to stick to it and make healthier decisions.

5. In-app community support

Staying motivated is also crucial to maintaining a diet. One way you can do this is to surround yourself with people with the same goals.

Some intermittent fasting apps have online communities which you can tap into for support and expert knowledge.

How to Make the Most of Your Intermittent Fasting App

IF apps are tools that you use to help with your intermittent fasting journey. 

But if you want to achieve your goals—whether it’s to lose weight or just be healthier overall—you should make the most out of them. Here are some tips:

1. Choose a fasting plan and stick to it

There are many ways to fast—like 16:8 or 20:4 intermittent fasting—and IF apps can help you explore different schedules.

You can use the app’s note-taking and tracking features to see how you’re adjusting to a particular schedule. 

This should help you choose a plan that works best for your health. But it’s also important that you follow it if you want to reach your goals.

Remember to make use of the app’s alarm feature so you can be notified of your fasting and eating window.

2. Live and eat healthy

Since intermittent fasting is an eating schedule and not a weight loss plan, it doesn’t have any restrictions on your diet and physical activity.

However, this can be counterintuitive if you’re trying to improve your health since you can practically eat anything you want and be sedentary.

IF is best paired with a diet program that aligns with your health goals. You can consult a registered dietitian who can plan your meals and exercises.

3. Adjust your fasting periods as needed

You don’t always have to stick to your fasting plan. Whenever there are changes in your routine, goals, or preferences, you can switch to a new schedule.

For instance, you can adjust your eating and fasting windows during workout days and resume to your “normal” schedule on regular days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fasting Apps

Are there any truly free intermittent fasting apps?

Yes. There are free fasting apps that don’t have ads or subscription plans, although their features can be limited. One free app we recommend is Rhythm.

Can I track intermittent fasting and calories with the same app?

It depends on the app’s features. DoFasting (our top pick) is the only app on our list that monitors your fasting periods and calorie intake with a single app.

Fastient—which is also among our top recommendations—estimates the number of calories you burn during a fast.

Which intermittent fasting method is most effective?

The most effective fasting method is the one you’re able to stick to, which may vary depending on your experience level, current health, and fitness goals.

You should talk to your doctor so they can help you decide and make sure that you’re able to adjust to your chosen method.

What is the best intermittent fasting plan for weight loss?

In general, you want a schedule that requires you to fast daily because it helps limit your calorie intake more consistently, which is essential to weight loss.

Daily fasting plans are also easier to maintain since you get to eat every day. This makes them more sustainable for long-term weight management.

A popular example is the 16:8 fasting plan. It restricts your food intake to eight hours each day and requires you to fast for the remaining sixteen hours.

Updated on June 26, 2023
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Ada Sandoval
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