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4 Best Dog and Cat DNA Tests: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals (2023)
Updated on January 10, 2023
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4 Best Dog and Cat DNA Tests: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals (2023)
Updated on January 10, 2023
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4 Best Dog and Cat DNA Tests: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals (2023)

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to celebrate with our friends and family. For some of us, that includes our furry companions.

Whether you’re a certified "dogophile" (dog lover) or "ailurophile" (cat lover), we’ve got unique present ideas just for you. We’re talking about the best DNA tests for dogs and cats.

These at-home tests provide useful insights about dogs and cats. Think of it as a way for you to get to know them and become better fur moms and fur dads.

4 Best Cat & Dog DNA Tests At A Glance

You can confirm their purebred status, learn more about the possible breeds they descended from, or if they have “wild cat” or “wild dog” DNA in their genes.

There are testing kits that identify a pet’s health risks, and tests that help breeders pick the best candidates for breeding.

To help you save big, we rounded up the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for pet DNA testing. Check out the discounts and promo codes below!

4 Best Dog and Cat DNA Tests: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals (2023) 2

Embark Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Embark Vet offers dog DNA tests for pet parents, breeders, and veterinarians. It also sells gut and oral health tests, as well as gut supplements for dogs.

They have two basic testing kits for dog owners:

  • Dog Breed + Health Test
  • Breed Identification Kit

By checking over 200,000 genetic markers, Embark provides detailed information on a dog's breed, traits, ancestry, and genetic risks.

Embark Pros & Cons


  • Lets you choose a kit based on your dog's breed status (e.g., mixed breed or purebred)
  • Identifies more than 350 dog breeds
  • Can test for coyote, wolf, and inbred genes
  • Health kits screen for 215+ health risks and identify 35+ physical traits
  • Gives you the option to connect with the guardians of your dog’s relatives
  • Embark for Vets includes personalized recommendations and support from a veterinary geneticist
  • U.K. Kennel Club recognizes results from dog breeder kits
  • Accepts interest-free monthly installments via ShopPay


  • Comprehensive reports may be too complicated for some

Use code "SNIFF" for $65 OFF

BasePaws Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

BasePaws offers tests for people who want to learn more about their cats, such as:

  • Cat Breed + Health DNA Test
  • Oral Health Test
  • Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

There are also testing kits available for veterinarians called BasePaws Vet. They screen cats for genes that increase their risk for certain diseases and health problems.

BasePaws Pros & Cons


  • Estimates your cat's breed composition to 21 known breeds and 4 breed regions
  • Tests for 43 genetic risks and 25 traits
  • Find out if your pet shares DNA with wild cats
  • Share the report with your veterinarian
  • Dental health DNA test checks for bacteria that cause dental problems in cats
  • WGS test provides in-depth information on your cat's breed, traits, and health
  • Free lifetime updates on cat breed information
  • Accepts interest-free monthly installments via ShopPay


  • Only tests for popular cat breeds
  • Doesn't identify a cat's specific breed
  • WGS test is expensive
  • No testing options for cat breeders

Use code "FRIDAY" for $70 OFF

Wisdom Panel Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Wisdom Panel's Breed Discovery Kit is a good option if you have an adopted or rescued dog, but don't know its breed or history. It provides all the information you need to get to know them.

The company also sells other DNA tests for dogs, cats, and breeders. You can choose from basic tests and more comprehensive kits with detailed reports.

Wisdom Panel Pros & Cons


  • Tests for 350+ dog breeds
  • Website provides information on dog breeds
  • Checks for sensitivities to some medications
  • Finds your dog's relatives
  • Traces your dog's ancestry by up to 3 generations
  • Results are easy to understand
  • Accepts interest-free monthly installments via Klarna


  • Sharing reports isn't easy

Get $48 OFF on Wisdom Panel products

Note: Promo doesn't include Breed Discovery test and breeder kits

5Strands Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

5Strands is the perfect choice if you want to help your dog lead a healthy and longer life.

With just a few strands of your dog's hair, it can tell you which foods and environmental factors put their health at risk.

5Strands Pros & Cons


  • Tests your dog for over 275+ food intolerances, including ingredients found in commercial pet food
  • Checks for sensitivities to over 105+ items, such as mold, grass, dust mites, and cleaning products
  • Other kits are available so you can test separately for food and environmental intolerances


  • Bioresonance technology used for testing isn't scientifically proven
  • Doesn't test your dog for allergies

Use code "BF25" for 25% OFF

Updated on January 10, 2023

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