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The Best Colon Cleanse We Recommend
Updated on December 2, 2022
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The Best Colon Cleanse We Recommend

If you’ve been feeling bloated, sluggish, or like something’s a little off with your digestive system, you may have looked into doing a colon cleanse. 

A healthy colon plays an important part in digestion, elimination, and overall health and vitality. 

Your gut or colon is home to trillions of bacteria that help digest your food and keep your immune system healthy.

The Best Colon Cleanse We Recommend 7

What is A Colon Cleanse?

A colon cleanse is any procedure or supplement that clears your large intestine (colon). It may involve taking fiber, herbs, or laxatives to help remove waste and clear the colon. 

Colon cleansing can also refer to colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy, in which liquids are used to flush out the colon. This is usually done by a specialist known as a colonic hygienist. 

What is the Best Colon Cleanse?

Choosing the right colon cleanse depends on your personal needs and circumstances. Here are some of our top picks:

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Potential Benefits of Colon Cleansing

Proponents of colon cleansing claim it has multiple benefits, including:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved mood and focus
  • Weight loss 
  • Less bloating and gas
  • Better digestive health and immune system function
  • Removing toxins and impacted fecal matter
  • Reducing the risk of colon cancer

Potential Risks of Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing has some potential health risks you should be aware of.

When done too frequently, colon cleanses can cause electrolyte imbalances (e.g., too low sodium or potassium), dehydration, and imbalances in your gut bacteria.1  

Colonic irrigation can cause a tear in the bowel if performed incorrectly. It may also cause an infection if the equipment is not properly sterilized.1     

It’s helpful to speak with your doctor before starting a colon cleanse to make sure there are no interactions with medications you may be taking.

Best Natural Colon Cleanser — Colon Broom

Price: It’s $64.99 for a one-time purchase. You can buy it in bundles of 3 or 6 bottles and save up to $37 per bottle.

Colon Broom is an all-natural, fiber-based colon cleanser. It’s designed to reduce bloating and constipation, improve gut health, and help with weight loss.

Colon Broom Review

What I Like: The active ingredient in Colon Broom is psyllium husk, a fiber made from the seeds of a shrub-like plant called Plantago ovata.

Psyllium husk is commonly used to relieve constipation due to its ability to absorb water and increase the bulk of the stool. It also has other benefits including:2 

  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Reducing “bad” LDL cholesterol
  • Controlling appetite and assisting weight loss
  • Improving gut microbiome

Colon Broom doesn’t include harsh laxatives or herbs like many colon cleansing supplements. It also doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or sugar.

What I Don’t Like: Colon Broom contains only 85% organic psyllium husk, which means the other 15% is non-organic psyllium husk and may contain pesticides.

It’s also slightly expensive for a psyllium fiber supplement. 

Psyllium fiber supplements are generally safe to use daily. But they may cause digestive upset for some people who are sensitive to psyllium. 

Make sure not to take more than 30 g a day and drink plenty of water.

The Best Colon Cleanse We Recommend 8

Colon Broom

Best Natural Colon Cleanser

Best Budget Colon Cleanser — Renew Life Cleanse More

Price: It’s $14.24 for a one-time purchase. You can subscribe and save 10% ($12.81). 

Renew Life Cleanse More is a budget-friendly herbal and mineral formula that relieves constipation and sluggish digestion. 

It supports the body’s natural detoxification system by removing waste and making you feel energized and rejuvenated. 

Renew Life Cleanse More Review

What I Like: It’s affordable and contains a blend of potent, high-quality ingredients, including:

  • Magnesium oxide — softens the stool by drawing water into the colon
  • Cape aloe — a gentle herbal laxative
  • Triphala — an Ayurvedic blend of herbs known for their cleansing properties  
  • Rhubarb, slippery elm, and marshmallow — protect and soothe the gut lining 

By using magnesium, Cleanse More doesn’t have to rely on herbal laxatives that can be harsh on the gut.

What I Don’t Like: It doesn’t contain fiber like most colon cleansing supplements. Fiber is great for keeping things running smoothly. It also binds to toxins in the gut.

Magnesium oxide has the potential to cause diarrhea. Their formula is also proprietary, meaning you don't know exactly how much of each ingredient you take.

The Best Colon Cleanse We Recommend 9

Renew Life Cleanse More

Best Budget Colon Cleanser

Best Colon Cleanser for Fast Results  — UMZU zuPoo

Price: It’s $34.44 for a one-time purchase. You can subscribe and save 25% ($25.83)

UMZU ZuPoo is a powerful cleanser. It helps remove excess waste from the body to improve digestion, support gut health, and promote weight loss.

UMZU ZuPoo Review

What I Like: UMZU ZuPoo contains a unique combination of herbs, barks, and other ingredients, including:

  • Cascara sagrada and senna — powerful laxatives 
  • Milk thistle and burdock root — improve the liver’s ability to detox
  • Fennel and buckthorn — have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Bentonite clay — binds to toxins in the gut and draws them out  

It works fast and is effective. Most people should see results within 12 to 48 hours, though some may need to wait 15 days to feel its effects.  

What I Don’t Like: Senna is safe for short-term use. But you shouldn’t use it for more than 3 months as it can cause liver damage. You can reverse this by stopping the supplement.3 

If used for longer than 2 weeks, Cascara sagrada may cause dependence. Its strong laxative properties can also lead to electrolyte imbalances when used for a long time.4

Moreover, it contains cayenne pepper. It can cause stomach pain if taken on an empty stomach.

The Best Colon Cleanse We Recommend 10


Best Colon Cleanser for Fast Results

Best Colon Cleanser for a Sensitive Gut  — NOW Easy Cleanse

Price: It’s $34.44 for a one-time purchase. You can subscribe and save 25% ($25.83)

NOW Easy Cleanse is a simple yet gentle cleansing program. It enhances the body’s natural detoxification system to help eliminate toxins. 

It supports the liver and gut, the two main organs that detoxify the body.

NOW Easy Cleanse Review

What I Like: NOW Easy Cleanse is a gentle formula that works well with people who have chronic digestive issues like IBS and IBD. 

It’s a two-part supplement that includes: 

  • An AM Detox Formula that helps the liver process toxins better
  • A PM Cleansing Formula that works overnight to improve gut health and clear waste 

Splitting the formula into two parts means it’s less harsh on the body and gut. The amount of each ingredient is listed so you can easily see how much you are taking. 

The formulas contain soothing herbs like marshmallows, slippery elm, and aloe vera. They can help protect the gut and reduce inflammation. 

It also contains a blend of fibers, including glucomannan and apple pectin. They are known to support the gut microbiome and help with bowel movements.     

Ginger and uva ursi extracts provide anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial support. They help clear the gut of any bad bugs.    

What I Don’t Like: It does require you to be diligent since you have to take two AM Formula capsules with breakfast, two with lunch, and then four PM Formula capsules before bed. 

It also has cascara sagrada, which can cause dependency if used longer than two weeks.

The Best Colon Cleanse We Recommend 11

NOW Easy Cleanse

Best Colon Cleanser for a Sensitive Gut

Best Colon Cleanser for Daily Use  — Dr. Tobias Psyllium Daily 

Price: It’s $22 for a one-time purchase. 

Designed to support colon health and detoxification, Dr. Tobias Psyllium Daily is for those who want to keep their digestive system healthy year-round without doing more intense cleanses.

Dr. Tobias Daily Psyllium Review

What I Like: Intended as a maintenance cleanse, Dr. Tobias Psyllium is safe and gentle enough to be used daily. 

It includes a mix of gut-healthy fibers like psyllium husk, oat bran, and apple pectin that help eliminate toxins and waste.    

It also includes Lactobacillus acidophilus, a good bacteria that can improve digestion and elimination and fight inflammation.  

Prune fruit powder provides a light laxative effect to keep your gut running smoothly. 

What I Don’t Like: It doesn't show how many CFUs (colony-forming units) or the amount of Lactobacillus acidophilus. So it’s hard to tell how effective it is.   

It has a large amount of fiber, which may cause digestive upset in people with sensitive stomachs. Capsules are also made of gelatin sourced from cows. So it’s not vegan-friendly.

Do You Need A Colon Cleanse?

A colon cleanse can help improve your health in many ways. You may need to do a colon cleanse if you experience these symptoms:

  • Gas and bloating
  • Fatigue and sluggishness
  • Brain fog 
  • Constipation
  • Blotchy or dull skin 
  • Sleeping poorly

Make sure to stop any colon cleanse if your symptoms worsen or you experience new symptoms. Talk to your doctor before trying anything.

The Best Colon Cleanse We Recommend 12

Dr. Tobias Psyllium Daily

Best Colon Cleanser for Daily Use

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