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Best At-Home Microbiome Tests
Updated on October 23, 2023
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At Home Health
Best At-Home Microbiome Tests
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Good health starts with a happy gut. The gut does more than digest food. It also affects immunity and mood. But the world inside our gut is still a bit of a mystery.

That’s where at-home gut health testing kits come in. The kits offer insights into gut health and how to improve it.

Navigating through all the available kits can be overwhelming, so we’ve sorted them to find the best ones for you. This guide makes it simple to learn about your gut and pick the right test kit.

Here are our top three picks for gut health testing kits:

Our Top Picks for At-Home Microbiome Tests


Best At-Home Microbiome Tests 1

Viome Gut Intelligence Test

Best Overal At Home Gut Test

  • Great for those seeking a deep dive into their gut's health
  • Provides hundreds of personalized food and probiotic recommendations
  • Has a user-friendly companion app


Best At-Home Microbiome Tests 1

Viome Full Body Intelligence Test

  • 50+ comprehensive insights into your overall health
  • Personalized food and supplement recommendations
  • Partner app is easy to use


Best At-Home Microbiome Tests 5

Ombre Gut Health Test

  • Great for budget-conscious consumers looking for valuable insights
  • Offers food recommendations and actionable dietary advice
  • Quick and easy-to-understand results

Our gut is often termed the "second brain"—and for good reason.

Its health directly impacts various facets of our well-being, from energy levels to mental health. An unhealthy gut may cause bloating, weight gain, fatigue, and mood changes.

Testing your gut microbiome gives you a snapshot of your current gut health, which will let you make better-informed decisions to change your diet, lifestyle, and habits.

Because everyone’s microbiome is unique, you need to consider what might work best for you and your bacterial make-up. Different ratios of harmful and beneficial bacteria, for example, will require different changes.

Gut health tests not only reveal these nuances but also provide actionable insights, making personalized health more accessible.

Comparison Table of All Products:

ProductEase of CollectionInterpretationDetail LevelActionable InsightsPersonalized Probiotics
Viome Gut IntelligenceViome Full BodyOmbre Gut Health
SampleStoolStool, blood, salivaBlood, saliva
Results2-3 weeks2-3 weeksImmediately
Clinical supportIn-app recommendationsIn-app recommendationsN/A

1. Viome Gut Intelligence Test

Best At-Home Microbiome Tests 6

By testing your gut microbiome, Viome’s gut intelligence test can determine what may be missing in terms of your gut health. With 20+ gut health insights, Viome’s Gut Intelligence can help you optimize your gut bacteria balance.

  • Comprehensive insights
  • 400+ food recommendations
  • Option for personalized probiotics and prebiotics

Use code "YOURDNA" for $110 OFF

2. Viome Full Body Intellgience Test

Best At-Home Microbiome Tests 7

Viome’s Full Body Intelligence takes its Gut Intelligence test a step further by also testing a blood and saliva sample, on top of your stool sample. This will give you a more holistic picture of your overall health, from your oral microbiome to your gut.

If you want even more insights into your health, this test may be the one for you.

  • 50+ health insights
  • Food and probiotic recommendations tailored to your needs
  • Find out how your diet and lifestyle contribute to your results

Use code "YOURDNA" for $110 OFF

3. Ombre Gut Health Test

Best At-Home Microbiome Tests 8

Ombre is an affordable option for anyone looking for a quick snapshot of their gut health. If you want to get insights into your gut health in the convenience of your home and at a more manageable price tag, Ombre’s Gut Health test is a good choice.

  • Analyzes gut flora's impact.
  • Provides food and probiotic suggestions.
  • Most affordable with robust insights.

How to Test

Each test may be different in terms of the ordering process, but these are the most common steps:

  1. Order your preferred test online
  2. Follow the kit's instructions, usually involving a stool sample collection (sample will be indicated per test)
  3. Send the sample back
  4. Receive and review your results, typically in 2-4 weeks

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Are At-Home Gut Tests Accurate?

Yes, especially when they're backed by CLIA-approved labs and use methods like 16S RNA sequencing. 

However, always consider the methodology and research behind each kit.

Why a Healthy Gut Matters

The gut plays a pivotal role in overall health. If your gut is healthy and balanced, your entire body will benefit.

A healthy gut microbiome boosts nutrient absorption, supports the immune system, and even influences mental health.

An imbalanced gut can lead to various ailments, from physical issues like indigestion and weight gain to mental challenges such as mood swings and fatigue.

By understanding your gut's health, you're better equipped to make choices that optimize overall well-being, ensuring a healthier, happier life.

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Updated on October 23, 2023
Joel Hirsch
Joel Hirsch
Content Contributor
Joel Hirsch is a health enthusiast and gym rat with a degree in Health Sciences. He spends his time writing about products that help people reach their health goals.
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