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Will Hunter

Content Contributor

Will is a content writer for KnowYourDNA. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, LA. He has 7 years of experience writing health-related content, with an emphasis on nutrition, alternative medicine, and longevity.


Will loves discovering ways to optimize physical and mental performance through diet, supplement, and lifestyle interventions. He is passionate about covering advancements in science and medicine that will lead to increases in healthspan and lifespan. 


He strives to give people the information they need to take control of their health and live their lives to the fullest.

Latest articles from the author

Are Our Personality Traits Genetic?

Yes, however, genetics aren’t the sole contributors to our personalities. Research (like twin studies) has shown that many traits can be inherited. The age-old debate of nature vs. nurture has continued today. It questions whether it’s our genetics or our environment that shapes our personality traits. However, our personalities aren’t shaped only by what we […]

How Does Genetics Influence Hair Color?

Your hair color is determined by the amount of melanin in your hair. Your genes influence this amount and the type of melanin in your hair. Our physical traits result from a combination of genes inherited from our parents. Among these features, hair color is a prominent example of genetic influence. However, just because your […]

Are Artificial Sweeteners Really Better Than Sugar?

Whether artificial sweeteners are better than sugar depends on your health goals, taste preferences, and how you include them in your diet. Generally, artificial sweeteners are great for reducing calorie and sugar intake. As sugar substitutes, they provide sweetness without adding too many calories or causing blood sugar spikes. However, it’s important to note that […]

Does Happy Head Work?

Our verdict: Happy Head showed visible improvements in my hair thickness and growth.  I also appreciated that I can customize my plan to treat hair loss. I love that Happy Head offers different product choices in different forms (like topical or oral) in their various products. I found the topical products easy to apply and […]
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