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Angela Natividad

Content Contributor

Angela Natividad graduated with degrees in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

In university, Angela was an athletic scholar and dabbled in different leadership roles for her organizations and her classes and even edited the school paper's lifestyle wing. After graduating, she entered directly into an editorial role for several online magazines and has been contributing articles both locally and internationally about a host of topics--from her own passions to film criticism and even to creative writing endeavors. She also took on more digital and content marketing roles to better understand content and how it moves and shapes the digital landscape.

Latest articles from the author

Andy Samberg's Ancestral Journey Unveils a Family Mystery

The search for one's origins can be a deeply personal and transformative journey. For comedian Andy Samberg, this journey took on a special significance as he sought to unravel the mystery of his mother Marjorie's birth family. Marjorie, adopted at birth, had long wondered about her biological parents. Despite multiple attempts to find them, including […]

Larry David Ancestry

Larry David, the comedic genius behind "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm," has a family history that is as complex and surprising as the characters he creates. Let’s explore David's ancestry, revealing connections to both the Holocaust and the Confederacy and the impact of these revelations on his sense of identity. David’s Secretive Mother David's mother, […]

Understanding MTHFR and 23andMe Testing

23andMe does not offer an MTHFR-specific health report. This is because current scientific research doesn't support the idea that common MTHFR gene variants majorly impact most health conditions they're often associated with. However, their testing does include some MTHFR variants, so you have other options: What is MTHFR? Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) is a key regulatory […]

What is Low-Pass Whole Genome Sequencing?

Low-Pass Whole Genome Sequencing (LP-WGS), also called shallow whole genome sequencing, is a DNA sequencing method that offers a balance of cost-effectiveness and accuracy when studying genetic variation. Unlike traditional Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), which analyzes the genome at a high depth (typically 30x-50x coverage), LP-WGS sequences each part of the genome only a few […]
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