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Our mission:

DNA testing can be confusing; we’ve relied on experts and doctors to administer and decipher these kind of tests since their invention. Now,
anyone with some money and a saliva sample can explore the vast world of genetics, ancestry and personalized health from the comfort
of their own home. Access is only the first hurdle to pass when it comes to genetic testing at home; a good coach or guide is the best
way to get the most out of your DNA test.

Mission #1: KnowYourDNA will guide you through
a DNA testing experience

That’s where we at KnowYourDNA come in to help. We don’t just research consumer DNA tests; we order them, we use them, we explore how
they work, and we give an unbiased review that completely avoids any unfounded claims or marketing mumbo-jumbo. We have no affiliations to
any service we cover, we don’t get sponsored, we pay for the tests we take, and we have no obligation to anyone other than our readers.

Mission #2: KnowYourDNA provides unbiased reviews
from a consumer perspective

If that doesn’t sound like a pretty fair approach already, we have a secret that gives us an edge: KnowYourDNA is powered by the passion and
expertise of trained geneticists and genetics researchers. We’re not simply journalists or bloggers looking to write a quick story about the novelty
of DNA testing; genetics is a huge part of our lives, we love DNA and everything it can tell us. 

Mission #3: KnowYourDNA guarantees expert knowledge
and first-hand experience

The most fascinating part about DNA testing is that the journey has only just begun when you receive your results. This is only your first ‘opinion’ and,
quite frankly, is as much of an art of prediction as it is a firm science. It will however provide you with your raw DNA data, a Pandora’s Box of
unprecedented power. While this data is definitely valuable now, researchers have only scratched the surface. KnowYourDNA will be there
at every step of the way, staying up-to-date with all the changes that will occur in this dynamic field.

Mission #4: KnowYourDNA will evolve along with the
newest research and advances

The industry is changing quickly. That means we have to continuously update our information with the bleeding edge of research.
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