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We empower personal genetic discovery and inspire meaningful connections.


Who we are

We founded Know Your DNA on the belief that understanding your genetic makeup and ancestry is empowering. Our team of geneticists, genealogists and science writers guides people on journeys of self-discovery, to uncover health insights in their DNA and find their place in the human family tree.
Uncovering your genetic and ancestral background is an act of enrichment. We strive to make the process meaningful, helping people gain a deeper understanding of their health through their DNA while forging ties with long lost relatives.
Our goal is always to bring people together, using science and stories to appreciate the uniqueness of each person’s genetic and genealogical makeup while reveling in the connections we share with those who came before us. Here, you are part of our Know Your DNA family.
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What we do

We founded Know Your DNA to empower personal genetic discovery. We create comprehensive guides to help consumers understand insights unlocked from easy-to-use DNA test kits for a fraction of the cost of medical tests.
We publish the latest information about consumer DNA services providing ancestry and health predisposition insights. We also offer our own genealogical service to help people trace their family history and connect with genetic relatives across centuries and continents.
Our mission is making DNA insights accessible. We aim to cultivate genetic literacy and bring enrichment to lives by helping people discover themselves more deeply so they can live more fully informed. We envision a future where revelations about your genetic code inspire life-changing connections—to family, ancestry, health, and your most empowered self.
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Trace your Ancestry with Us

Join the journey of discovering your ancestry with our genealogy services. We help uncover your familial roots and long lost relatives across centuries and continents.
Our team of experts in genetic genealogy, history, and DNA matching will guide you in constructing your family tree. We access extensive databases and records to piece together your lineage.
Get matched with genetic relatives spanning the globe. We utilize advanced DNA comparison techniques to locate unknown living cousins. Rediscover ancestral connections and forge bonds with the family you didn’t know you had.
Receive a detailed map of your ancestry origins and migration patterns over time. Learn when and how your progenitors settled various parts of the world. Understand the events that shaped your hereditary background.
From DNA analysis to lineage mapping, let us illuminate the winding trails of your ancestral past and uncover your place in the interconnected web of human kinship. Reclaim your heritage and expand the branches of your family tree.

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How we test products

Know Your DNA is committed to providing trustworthy information on consumer DNA tests. We carefully evaluate major DNA testing kits and products on the market based on three key criteria:


We scrutinize the science behind each test to ensure results are backed by rigorous research and analytical validation for ancestry, family connections, and health risks. No questionable or speculative genetic insights make it through our vetting process.


We assess privacy protections, data policies, consent procedures, and transparency about internal/third-party usage. Your genetic data requires the highest level of security and control.


We compare features and services across price points to determine real-world usefulness for the average consumer. Our evaluations balance cost vs. actionable insights so you can find the DNA test that is the best fit based on your budget and goals.
The DNA tests that meet our high standards in accuracy, privacy, and value are the only ones we recommend. You can trust our unbiased guidance to pick the ideal test kit for discovering your genetic story.

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