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Who We Are

Our founder's interest in DNA and health drives every piece of content on KnowYourDNA. Our team, made up of dedicated geneticists and medical writers, is committed to delivering accurate and compelling content.
We go beyond just DNA, exploring other at-home health areas, such as microbiome kits, with the goal of making vital health information easily accessible to everyone.

What We Do

Five years ago, we started exploring the world of DNA with an interest in testing kits and their health revelations. We were captivated by the ease of a cheek swab and its power to unlock genetic secrets, once only available through advanced medical procedures.
At KnowYourDNA, our curiosity grew beyond DNA. We explored at-home health holistically, focusing on the vital link between our gut and overall well-being. We envisioned a world where everyone could easily access essential health and predisposition information without facing medical and financial barriers.

How we test products

KnowYourDNA is committed to making health and wellness accessible to everyone. We follow a three-step process that allows us to feature products that are safe and easy to access.

Careful Product Selection

We watch the market for the latest health trends. Only science-backed products that may benefit your health are handpicked for testing.

Comprehensive Product Testing

Our team of in-house reviewers tests each health product for safety, effectiveness, and ease of use. We consider its benefits, potential side effects, and value for money.

Balanced Product Reviews

We write unbiased reviews based on scientific research and our own experiences with a product so you can make informed decisions about your health.


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